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  1. Andy, Can you mark this thread as settled. I had mediation today and decided to go in with an offer of around 20% of the original amount owed (to the OC) payable over monthly installments of 4 years and not budge. (I was fully aware that the account hadn't had interest added to it for years before sale and I had already claimed PPI etc, so I wasn't settling on an over-inflated amount.) They tried to do some arguments, but I said I wasn't budging and it was my one and final offer. They accepted and all has been agreed. (I know that they did 'cos they know it's completely une
  2. Something kinda funny. This week I received a 'statement of account under the CCA 1974' from MKDP. I'm guessing I just file and ignore it?
  3. I use Noddle as well (because it's free). I also use annualcreditreport.co.uk because of its interface, although that report is annual (free also; not sure if it is still though). Just signed up the other week to Equifax, downloaded my report by PDF and cancelled the account before the 30 days 'trial' thingy. It's a shame someone doesn't do a monthly online report from all 3 CRAs for £1 by DD. I know I'd signup for something like that.
  4. Your exhibit C PDF isn't fully redacted. Your email address appears on page 3.
  5. Thanks, Andy. Yeah, this week I'll be reading lots. For anyone keeping up with this thread, mediation is done 'without prejudice', so nothing discussed there can be used by either party in the proceedings. Here's to them discontinuing, but have blocked off the hearing time in my diary
  6. Thanks, Andy. I will give them a call and arrange an appointment then. How does the mediation affect the hearing? Does the judge get any information on it? Just wondering, after read a bit on it, how I can put myself in the best possible position for the hearing.
  7. All done the other week and it's showing as not there when my credit report updated. Have a quick question with the mediation thing. Do I have to do it and do you have any advice with it? (I've spoken to them already and said I'll get back with dates etc as I know what the claimant can do.)
  8. Okay. An update on this. Filled in a questionnaire for this case around New Year and received an order from the Court about a hearing the end of April. I've contacted the mediation service as it seems the Judge is kinda pushing that way, and I guess I'm going to have to get ready for sending the Court docs that I'm relying on 14 days before the hearing date. Also, the CCJ hasn't been removed from my credit file. I'm guessing I contact the Court to ask the reason why as the judge did say it should be removed after I sent in my revised defence, which I did.
  9. Thanks, Andy and CitizenB. Just got the order through today from the Court so well pleased. Looks like I just have to wait just over another year for this to become SB. Will make a donation next week.
  10. Back from Court. MKDP didn't show up and hadn't sent anything to me or the Court. The DJ is making an order for the claim to be struck out (Didn't claim for costs. No worth it really.)
  11. Ah okay. I think I understand you now. Yep, I'm including all of that in my pack that I'm sending today to both. I thought you meant something else
  12. I think I'm being stupid. I don't understand what you mean exactly. Do I need to change my WS then? Or do I need to include something else?
  13. What do you mean by disclosure exactly? (Not too sure)
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