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  1. Hi Tomtubby, Thank you for the advice, but exactly what is the Statement of Truth? I've requested copies of the PCN's and other correspondence sent to my previous address and they refused. What exactly do I write to them about? I've never heard of this before. Many thanks,
  2. Quick update - court dates set for 7 September! LONG wait to get here but fingers crossed and I'll update! Thanks for all advice
  3. ha ha, I wish! I could time travel back and stop all this stress and stupidity from happening! Damn councils
  4. Hi all, Well I've got the court dates for my 2 PCN's that never arrived. Quick history: No idea what I've actually done wrong but 2 fines 'arrived' at my old address (must have just moved) in Nov 2009. Changed data with DVLA not straight away but fairly quickly for insurance purposes (was on holiday after the move and stayed with a friend for 2 weeks before the move). Forward to Sept 2010, bailiffs show up etc. Filled Stat Dec forms etc, refused (surprise surprise) and sent N244 forms (a wee bit late), they got stuck in the postal strike early 2010 (registerd mail so I have proof).
  5. Hi all, I've gone through the same nightmare as well. I had 2 fines through the door just after I'd moved (a couple of days) then went on a long holiday then eventually changed info with the DVLA and insurance company. A YEAR later the bailiff shows up at my new address and tries to take the car. Now after a nightmare year, TEC forms (yup refused first time round as they are for everyone), I submitted my N22 forms (by registered mail and they were delayed in postal strike in Feb and never arrived). Anyway, submitted again via TEC (actually really helpful) and 2 x £75, a couple of we
  6. HI again, Just thought i'd write to update. Well I sent the N244 in and they were not rejected. Ok TEC wrote back and requested why I'd left it so late - well postal strike did not help. I sent back the forms (registered) and just found out (now May) that they were not received and the post office still have them (gotta love Royal Mail). Luckily I have proof that I sent them. I have to tell you though, I hired the expert services of John Gault and he was fantastic. I don't know the law and this really is confusing. I admit its a little expensive, but he didn't charge me per fine, jus
  7. Hi again, I think I've left the paperwork at work so I'll take a look and get back to you. But I can answer a couple of questins. Lambeth are c**p, they refuse to allow me access to the paperwork they 'sent' out. I did manage to sweet talk a guy to tell me that paperwork had been sent to address that were not my current one! So it seems this is exactly what's happened. I've written to them and telephoned them and they refuse to give me access! Can I start quoting freedom of information act etc?? I actually can't even see what I originally did to incur the fines in the first place as
  8. Hi Tomtubby, In answer to your questions; Reason for Stat Dec = Never received the parking fines or any details of further action until the bailiff showed up Bailiff visit = Yes, this is when I found out about the whole issue LA = Lambeth Council, London I received something from the TEC stating that my Stat dec's were refused (no reason except it was going back to the council) Have just sent off N244 (about 2 months late!) with £75 x 2 cheques and witness statement Waiting to hear if they throw out the N244 with laughter, or they actually allow me to represent
  9. Hi all, Does anyone know how many times you can submit the above form? I've done the N244 but have a bad feeling it'll be rejected. Another helpful forum guru suggested this and I have to agree I've been thinking about it. Anyone got any comments on this? Thanks
  10. I did think about filing another Stat dec form and going through it all again - after all it's free. But I'll wait on the outcome of the N244, you never know! What do you mean by "you'd have to pay the fee of course" I don't want them to get away with this and there just doesn't seem to be any justice!
  11. The problem being in this is that I filed the N244 forms late - I have a really bad feeling they will be rejected on this basis. All over Nov (postal strike) and Dec (Xmas!). I can only hope they accept my statement and allow it through. I can send copies of the N244 forms to the council I guess and also to the bailiffs. See if that does something?
  12. Hi jamberson, I thought about that and probably will go down that route. In the N244 the demand for all payment of costs (£75 per N244, £125 consultant charges and £10 for info on the breakdown of fees) were written. Hey who knows what will happen! My debt guru is someone I found on the internet (John Galt), I've seen forums about him before, and although expensive its been worth it (if I get these fines reduced), but now I see that I could have done this myself with more patience. But he has done a grand job on the N244 forms and witness statement. I just hope I'm granted a h
  13. I'm still waiting. I sent them off on Thursday last week registered mail, its a waiting game now. I'll let everyone know though as soon as I have a reply, hopefully I'll be able to get in front of a judge and tell them the truth!
  14. I agree, they make it so hard for you to even try to pay a fine, if I'd known about it I would have paid it! Any advice to how to go around this? Thanks,
  15. Hi all, Forgive me this is my first time on forum pages and so far its been interesting to see the threads of info. Let me tell you about my case: In Sept 2008 I was issued 2 PCN (rightly so I think) for a illegal turn. I was moving at that stage and never received the tickets. The DVLA had my upto date info and I never got any follow up letters from Lambeth Council in my new address e.g. pay up now, court action etc. I moved again after 6 months and my friends are still in the flat and they never received anything for me either! I was visited in Sept 2009 by the bailiffs (actuall
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