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  1. update on my situation, ive started to pay the council direct via the internet, im awaiting 4 a reply from the bailiffs, doubt that wud happen, but i did manage to find a missing bailiff letter, Notice of seizure of goods, the bailiff must of posted when he took details of my car (see original post) and the charges on there are a little bit confusing and unreadable - council tax + court costs = £1194.46, attendance to levy fee = £24.50, levy fee = £59.00, redemption of goods fee (head H) = £24.50 total = £1302.46 am i right in saying that the levy fee and the redemption of goods fee are unre
  2. thank you for replying, will try ur advice, most appreciated!
  3. hi all, basically ive been trying to sell my house as we live in a 2 bed with 4 children - 7 months to 6 years old, 2 boys 5yr & 6yr and 2 girls 7months and 3 yrs, so we need to move to a bigger house. i do work fulltime but iam struggling financially, i had our house on the market 4 £109,950 and my mortgage is at 106k which is in arrears of about 7k, i have had a couple of offers but nowhere near my mortgage amount, i dont really want to walk away from the house as i know i wud have to pay back the shortfall. the mortgage company have been good so far, and i am trying to pay back the ar
  4. thank u for replying and confirming my actions to be within the law, i have sent bristow & sutor a message telling em of my intentions on wot im going to do next!, ie pay the council direct, i will contact em on monday aswell demanding a statement, thats gonna b fun! i will also inform the council of wot i will b doing! i will post a message of what happens! once again thank you to both of u for replying, most appreciated, i can sleep soundly 2nite even with a smile on my face! happy dayz!
  5. hi all, ok basically i messed up with paying my council tax, i admit i buried my head in the sand hoping it wud go away! yeah right how stupid am i! I have had financial hardship during the last 12 months cuz of the current economic climit, i have 4 kids all under 6 youngest being 7 months and an 8 yr from a previous, to which i do pay csa. ive had to reduce my hours so i earn less and no overtime available but i have now got my head out of the sand and want to sort it out so heres how things have developed i owe £1194.46 not incl court costs, unsure of wot these are as i have lost
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