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  1. Hi Buzby Thanks for the post, just to clarify the default was actually registered in July 2004 and the contract started in 2002, my apologies. The default was removed as a token of good will about 6 months earlier than the 6 year deadline. I hope this makes my post more clearer.
  2. I recently discovered a great big red default on my credit file from Vodafone Ex Singlepoint which I did not know I had until I discovered problems with getting a mortgage and even current accounts. Anyway I googled and found this forum and someone with a very similar problem as I. I purchased the mobile and sent it back and didn't realise it incurred £13 which then obviously defaulted. This was back in 2002 so obviously I didn't have the account details. BUT I found Lee from Vodafone who helped this person who in the space of a couple of days located my account and had the default removed alm
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