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  1. Well the original fine was £50.... Which for some unknown reason I decided not pay ( please don't shake ya head I was having a bad year! ) It went to court and I didn't go, the old bury head in sand technique, which I can't believe hasn't worked for me! The Fine is now £265 and £50 bailiff fees. Is there anything I can do to pay this off over a bit of time??
  2. I've been sent a final notice by Marstons saying the are goin to come and remove items from my house is I don't pay in ful in th next 7 days!! I stupidly ignored a letter saying I had to pay a fine because I had my foot on a seat on the train... I live at my mothers house at th moment and lost my job 2 months ago, I have just phoned Marstons and said I can't pay the £315.00 they are asking. I was told if I paid £70 today i could pay the rest by the 14 Feb, I told them I didn't even have 70p at the moment ( don't get any money untill next week ) They then said it would be passed on to the nex
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