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  1. he was claiming JSA with I think something called permitted work. he was flashing a lot of cash, and the film crew filmed him back in Romania doing his house up, go figure.
  2. So the parents have to be working here and paying NI to claim the child benefit, only the documentary I saw on the tele must be wrong it was about a Romanian guy who came here to claim benefit to do his house up in Romania, where his family were living, but he did bring his youngest child over so he could register him for child benefit, and then promptly took him and his family back to Romania.
  3. why do we give millions of pounds in child benefit to the parents of children who do not even live in this country ??
  4. depends what group you're in, my son is on ESA in the work related activity group, WRAG, and he has to attend appointments at Ingeous, but only the mandatory ones, I think though that if you are on the assessment rate of ESA you do not have to attend, or if you are placed in the support group.
  5. thank you so much for your reply x
  6. Just asking for my brother he has recently been put in the support group of ESA, I have advised him to try and claim PIP, but as of yet he hasn't. I have been reading a lot about Severe disability premium, and wanted to ask is this added automatically to your ESA if you are in the support group, or do you have to apply for it separately. Any advice would be very welcome, BTW, he lives on his own.
  7. it has something to do with if you have claimed HB and CTB since 2006 (not sure if this is the correct year) on a continues basis, then they can't charge you for extra bedrooms, or something like that, sorry if that's not much help x "Tenants who have occupied the same property continuously and taken housing benefit for it since 1996 should never have been included in the policy, Mr Barker discovered. When the Department for Work and Pensions drafted the controversial legislation it did not update housing benefit regulations dating from that year. Those affected include some who ar
  8. thanks Mr. P for your reply, it's very kind of you for helping, have clicked on your star, once again many thanks
  9. My son is on ESA in the work group, so does all the above apply to him just as it does to those on jobseekers
  10. do you mean February 2013? because my DLA claim ended on 6th December 2013
  11. Hi, I do find DLA to PIP transfer very confusing lol, I thought that when my renewal for DLA came, that it would be for PIP, it wasn't, It was a DLA claim pack.. I sent the claim pack off and receive HTC and HRM and it was awarded indefinitely, how long it will be before I try and claim PIP is anyone's guess. Xx ps. hope that all makes sense.
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