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  1. Hi I'm hoping someone somewhere can help. Recently I bought 400 cigarettes from a website of a company based in Australia to be posted to me at my home address. I have done this before and had no problems in receiving my goods, but today I have received a letter from the UK Border Agency telling me that they have seized the goods. They have told me that I must send a Notice of Claim within one month of receiving the Notice of Seizure letter if I believe that UKBA have acted illegally in seizing the goods (which I do), and if I want the seized items returned to me (again I do, I've paid for them after all). But in the next Sentance they state that it is UKBA policy to not return seized items. I intend to send the Notice of Claim, but I've never been in this position before and I'm not exactly sure what will happen, as they expect additional charges of £47.00 per 200 cigarettes which works out to £94 which personally I believe to be extortionate! Any ideas or advice would be greatly received. Is this just a one off, or will they keep an eye out for my name and address for future possible seizures? Thanks
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