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  1. i got the n245 forms today but its asking for court numbers etc which i have no idea about. where can i find these details, the letter from Martson has nothing on it like this ...
  2. how did he get anyone on the phone? i cant find a phone number anywhere that doesnt take me to the payment line?!?!
  3. Im in the same boat with the same people mate. If you ring any contact number on their site all you get is a payment line! They dont accept any calls unles you have a card in your hand for the full payment. My bill is 3000 almost so count yourself lucky LOL! Im off to court on monday!
  4. So my next step would be to visit the court and ask for a stay of execution? How would i go about this? I really have no idea
  5. i must say if they were psyical in any way with my 5 month pregnant girlfriend they would be finding themselves in hospital
  6. yes i know that and that was my argument but as i didnt tell them i was no longer employed (because i didnt know there was an ongoing claim against me) it's MY FAULT! funny how they find out within 30 seconds that you start work but none the wiser when you are made redundant!!! Anyway im past the argument about how much i owe - i just need to stop any more charges being added and get an agreement somehow to pay what i can each month.
  7. were you ,before the period of being unemployed paying, anything on a regular basis? I wasn't even aware a claim was made against me until they eventually got my correct current address and gave me the big bill. I tried to explain how the bill was made up a rubbish i.e. charging me £50 a week csa when i was unemployed getting £45 a week - for 9 months! "Not my problem" was the repeated response. So the amount i no longer care about just paying it what i can afford.
  8. Yes my girlfriend lives with me Kelcou. My letter from the CSA is as follows ... Your child maintenance arrears Arrangement I can now confirm the arrangement we made on 20/07/09 for the amount of child maintenance you should pay for: £2855.71 We agreed you should pay: £100 by Direct Debit monthly This means that your maintenance payments will be as follows: £100 monthly by direct debit As agreed, this arrangement may be reviewed at the discretion of the Child Support Agency or as a result in a change to your circumstances. As discussed, we wil
  9. its out of their hands now and with these aweful bailiffs who say there is no chance of making a long term agreement, they have a court order and want all the money now or they will seize all my goods. i read that on the charming Marston website under FAQ.
  10. why didnt they get an attachment of earnings in the first place? this mess would have been sorted by now. surely it would be easier than going down this path as i have no bother paying them - i want to, but monthly. I certainly wish i was sat on a few grand but i am not, i dont even have a basic bank account!
  11. i have read that certain bailifs do have power to enter with a warrant??? To add to this lot my girlfriend at present is 5 months pregnant (showing quite a bump) and is getting very stressed to the point of crying to sleep last night. As you said twonames - i cant give what i haven't got but they just don't understand that term, several staff at the CSA demanded 240 a month from my very low wage and when i explained i couldnt pay that much all i got was "That's not my problem" - one guy said it 27 times in one call, i actually counted after the fifth time!
  12. im in the Middlesbrough are in Cleveland - its a crazy bill that i have paid half of to my ex partner and the other half from my time unemployed but i aint bothered about that - i just wanna pay it but not in 1 go!
  13. would it be possible to fill in a n245 and make an offer to pay the courts before bailiffs turn up???
  14. i was led to believe as they had been to court and got this warrant of execution that they could break and enter??? i have read on here about people waking up to bailifs in their homes!!!
  15. dont worry i will be ringing tomorrow without fail - i pretty much have till monday to sort this out =/
  16. thanks for the site it looks good but seems like its somehow gonna cost me money??? just a feeling when the site is so bare with just a number to ring ...
  17. Its just a big out of hand mess which i want to pay but do not have the full amount and nothing in my house comes close so a bailif wont get any joy either =/ I need to know the first step from someone who knows...
  18. I got a letter this morning (dated 2th Jan 2010) saying i had 7 days from the date of the letter to pay £2900! The debt is for CSA. The bill was made up of £50 a week while i was unemployed, to which i refused to pay and to cut it short - got nowhere. I accept there is nothing i can do about the amount owed so i made arrangements to pay £100 a month with the CSA. They accepted this but said they were gonna send it to court anyway to make it a legal debt. This was 6 months ago but they didnt attempt to take a single payment from my bank. I have the agreement letter from them and a ban
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