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  1. Hi can any one provide any information/advice regarding the following: We have hire purchase on a caravan with Evergreen Finance, and we are currently in legal dispute with our park owner Bourne leisure, we have requested written authorisation to remove our caravan from the park and have it transported to a new park, but they have refused and said we can only move if we pay the finance off in full? can they do this as it seems to be unfair to me and extremely prejudice regards our legal dispute with Bourne who evergreen are a subsidary. thanks in advance
  2. hi thanks for your reply, i was really just wanting some thoughts and feedback. regards
  3. Hi is anyone available for comment?
  4. Just a quick question, ive phoned evergreen today to get an arrears total, and a settlement figure and they refused and directed me to talk to their solicitor are they allowed to do this as my agreements are with them not the solicitor?
  5. Hi All, I come to cag again for a little advice to ensure what i am doing is the best way forward: Story so far: In 2013/2014 as a family and a company we purchased 3 holiday homes on a North Wales Haven site, this is the chronological events. April 2014 - First caravan purchased in cash - £18,000.00 May 2014 - Second caravan purchased (£7,825.00 dep - £23,412.96 finance - £31,237.96 purchase price) June 2014 - Third caravan purchased ( £13,350.00 dep - £16,650.00 finance - £30,000.00 purchase price) Plus decking £2500.00 June 2014 - First caravan changed following ev
  6. Thanks slick for the advice i will do this in the morning.
  7. Hi dx thanks for the reply, how would i do that?
  8. Yes the call was recorded and they gave me a complaint ref number
  9. Thanks citizen, i have made a complaint via telephone is that not the same?
  10. Hi guys im really not happy here is the story so far... On the 27th sept 2013 i placed a chargeback request with barclays for 4 transactions. As the products/services were not received and after discussing with the merchant my dispute i was given the run around. I was told by barclays they would have to investigate the matter as the amount was considerable (just shy of 7k) and it could take up to 45 days. I posted a statement and supporting evidence to barclays within the time limit they requested and allowed them the time they said they would need. 37 days later i receive
  11. July 21st 2013 I went into PC world to enquire about a ipad, at first I was going to pay for one outright, after speaking with the salesman and telling him I need the ipad for work purposes and that the thing will constantly be on the Internet monitoring our cctv systems etc, he told me I could have one on contract, pay nothing upfront and the clincher, the Internet was all you can eat. So I signed up to the three network, we also have two contract phones with three which are completely unlimited, after the first couple of weeks I tried to go into our cctv s
  12. I have spoken to him again yesturday, the guy is really upset, i asked him to clarify some points, and at best they are a bit grainy. He said that him and tbis customer had spoken for some time over other business offers he hadand alternative investments, and the customer had mentioned that they usually use shares as an investment which were not returning the desired amounts. The original deal was to purchase property abroad, and the customer wrote him a cheque which he was not allowed to bank. The agreement which was not written down but verbal the changed to a loan for investment
  13. I have known this guy for about 4 years, and had business dealings with him in the past, all went as he said, I don't think for one second he is the fraud type, not that they have badges on them or anything like that. I can see where you are coming from though by definition, but as he has explained to me, the loan was not for a specific property, or purpose, the loan body as far as I can gather is the amount plus five percent, he says at no time did he he mislead the customer into the agreement. I don't know the customers background or anything like that and I am sure if I was to speak to
  14. Hi all, I was speaking with someone I know recently, who was having issues, I gave him advice but just want to check what everyone else thinks. This is what he has told me so far.. He was mentioned to a customer that he was interested in buying a property via auction, this property was valued at a lot more than it was expected to reach at auction, and basically the customer offered to lend him the money for deposit etc if he went to the auction. He went to the auction and budded on the property, paid the deposit via a cheque, knowing the full amount wasn't in the account yet but reli
  15. I repeatedly asked the Liverpool branch for a settlement branch and gave them dates of the likely repayment in full. They ignored my requests Does this mesn you made no payments? I kept getting texts phone calls and emails telling me how out of order i was and i had to pay. I spoke with their management compliancy manager who confirmed that he could get a settlement figure out to me and we agreed that it would be paid within a 28 day period. Keep these they may be important later i made an interim payment to stop their actions escalating as they were leaving messages constantly
  16. Hi Caz, These are a few things you need to take note of: 1. Was the repo agents registered with the SIA? did you get a reciept? 2. How long did they clamp the car for? 3. How much arrears were you in before the repossession? 4. Has the car now been removed? 5. Where is the car now? 6. You need to get yourself to court, and get an exparte injuction to stop the sale of the car. please respond so i can help you further. regards IMS
  17. Hi all, currently still in court, apparently CC Collections have purchased LBL/ Nine regions debt book, and are looking like they are trading out of thier offices.
  18. Hi all, After living in a private landlords house for over a month, who refused to supply tenancy deposit certificate, gas safety certificate or an EPC, i decided to take the guy to court under the housing act sct 213-214 and won, We moved out and, cleaned all carpets but 1, repainted all walls, and left a few items in the living room that were to be removed the next day as it was late, the next day we arrived at the property to find the landlord and his wife abusing our van driver, saying that we were squatters and had been taken to court and owed them thousands, the remainder of our bel
  19. Hi All, I recently issued and won a case against my landlord under sc 213/214 of the housing act 2004, and won compensation of the 3 x rule, however here are some other issues i have had/having. 1. I moved into a property with my young family and paid a £1000 deposit and the first months rent. 2. Within a month or so, we had not recieved our deposit certificate or a gas safety certificate 3. after numerouse contacts with landlord, he refused to provide them, and even told us we had no right and if we proceeded he would chuck us and our stuff out onto the street.
  20. Few Questions, 1. Does the garage have the agreement to pay contact from barclays? (each lender once passed for finance, and the client agrees, cars especially, the garage receives an agreement to pay contract, so the car can be released) 2. Have you received correspondance from barclays for the finance agreement, i.e when payment is to be made etc? If you have been passed the finance, but it has not yet been agreed to pay by barclays, then the garage has every right to withold the car, and in any case. I think if i was you, i would go to the garage, and request that the vehicle is
  21. No probs, it only took 2 mins lol, think anne21 could throw in a little more with possible tribunal also, but at this stage, i think if i was her i would wait the 10 days lba to finish then follow up with contact tribunal. PS ANNE21, send all documents recorded delivery
  22. Address to: Payroll Manager Angard Company Angard address Dear Sir's, My Name is ............I was a temporary employee of your company from (date) to (date) or (currently), I write to inform you that further to my earlier contact with your company, Where i made a complaint regarding my incorrect stated bank details on my payslip's dated from and to, Thus causing no reciept of monies due for payment of wages from date to date, I was led to believe, that his was a clerical error on behalf of your company, and that it was to be rectified. I acknowledge reciept of your £350 Vouche
  23. Hi Guys, havent been on for ages but here is a little problem i hope all you great people can help with: A friend of mine had been with his motor trade insurer for the past 2 and a half years, no problems, accidents or convictions, made no claims, even tho he could have once or twice. He had a close family friend (not me) visit him one evening and his car broke down, My friend owns a recovery company and subsequently hold a traders policy to cover his insurance. He lent one of his personal cars to his mate to get back home, friend lived 90 mile away, it is his company policy to
  24. Hi all, here goes, im the best man for a friends wedding, we made a booking with a Blackpool hotel, asking for bed and breakfast for 7 lads, with a prevision for another 5, as they had yet not confirmed they were coming, we paid a deposit of £105 for the confirmed 7 paid by card., and said we would contact them before hand to confirm the rest. We then spoke to the receptionist the week before, saying that we still had not recived confirmation from the other 5, and said that if all else fails, could they sleep on the floor if they turned up and we will pay for them on arrival, the hotel wa
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