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  1. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?322618-Bailiff-assulted-me-Dukes-Bailiffs-collecting-Ctax-Debt/page3
  2. Is your garage internal to your house ?......i think then itcould become a little slippery if there is an internal door but if you have a separate garage / shed No hecannot .......................
  3. Know what you mean BN ...it’s the duplicate fees that amazes me ....i have posted this just to show that Dukes obviously think it’s ok tocharge duplicate fees when recovering old debt ...which equates to multiple levies I’m all done & dusted & won my case so to speak ijust though others would find it interesting
  4. After a long running battle with the council over Bailiff Fees i asked in an FOI to see the contract between the council& the Bailiffs Below i found very interesting regarding duplicate fees.......remember my lovely local Council are going along with this and the contacts have been sighed “Section 3 – Pricing schedule“ “in cases where a liability order is held Dukes would lookto recover all statutory fees applicable from the charge payer in any instance where the charge payer agrees to settle the debt but can prove evidence that fees have been paid previously, Dukes would recover monies due and pay over to the council, invoicing for a commission of 15%, As an added assurance, Dukes have worked on “Old” debt and recycled cases for many authorities and not encounterdany issues regarding duplicate fees. we would be happy to refer the council to specific contracts on request The ability to collect this debt under theCouncil Tax Enforcement Regulations enhances our opportunities for “New case issues” has used Dukes on returned casesand from April 2008 to date we have remitted to that council in exess of£20.000. thus proving that what somebody else considers to be uncollectable is in fact collectable using Dukes extremely effective recovery procedures Aged bailiff debt would be allocated a unique client scheme separate from current year case allocation to enable you to clearly monitor and recordour performance levels " Nothing further to this fegarding Bailiff fees in any of the contracts
  5. Looks pretty good to me ......why are you sending this to the Magistrates Court or am i missing somthing ?
  6. Bailiffs are a part of the council Tax (Administration and Enforcement) Regulations 1992 The council use bailiffs to recover the debt as this way council look squeaky clean and the bailiffs look the bad ones….. From a personal point of view the Bailiffs were the bad ones in my case over £1000 in unlawful fees the council defended them to the hilt but I/ We won in the end (thanks GAG) You know wich ones you are Bailiffs are a 10th century solution trying to solve a 20th century problem This being said are we actually getting value for money from our councils? Is the council being fair to the council tax payer? If I were to start up a massive company tomorrow and charge the same amount as the council do and then delivered the same services…… I would be closed down the trading standards I could go as far as saying is council tax “legal”…I understand council tax is a contract ….a contract is between 2 parties and I didn’t sight my half
  7. Hi Jade I’m not up on motoring offences but sit tight and the cavalry will be along soon to help you sort this out Above all try not to worry this really is a great site with lots of very good people
  8. Thanks for the quick response Martin
  9. Does anyone know how I can open a bank account or what bank accepts bad credit it’s for my disabled mums DWP money to be paid in to …I don’t need overdraft of credit facilities just a bog standard account direct debt would be useful as I need to pay her care home fees ….any ideas?? PS sorry if ive put this in the wrong place
  10. That’s what I thought ….the police seemed to be doing all the work …..saying that they were executing an High Court Writ I think there is some sort of clause in their regulations were the Police can give assistance …..i may be way out though I’m just a beginner on here but learning fast
  11. Double check this but as far as i know Bailiffs or HCEO's are trespass exempt as long as "you are the person" owing the Debt IE if they had jumped over your fence and you are not the debtor mistaken identity then the Bailiff / enforcement officer would have commit trespass A distress shall not be deemed unlawful on account of any defect or want of form in the liability order, and no person making a distress shall be deemed a trespasser on that account; and no person making a distress shall be deemed a trespasser from the beginning on account of any subsequent irregularity in making the distress, but a person sustaining special damage by reason of the subsequent irregularity may recover full satisfaction for the special damage (and no more) by proceedings in trespass or otherwise.
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