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  1. I have written a letter that i intend to send to his company and my local council. I have a copy of the standards not from the bailiff. I did get an email from B&S, they said they are not going to send it back to the council because they haven't exhausted all avenues and asked me to fill out what looks like a personal budget sheet form which i don't fully trust so i will do my own. I haven't heard from the bailiff since. I have had visits from bailiffs before who don't seem to care if you pay them or not, one told me to 'go back inside and i'll post a letter through'.
  2. I will do. I've just realised something. He was watching me. He was in a van and my husband went to the shops and then to his mates, he watched me come into the house on my own with my daughter. He knew he wasn't in. Ooh it's spurred me on more now.
  3. Thank you for your replies, they have been comforting. No, he didn't come back but every van that went past made me scared. He was trying every trick in the book. He claimed we made a payment but it bounced????? 1- neither me or my husband have bank accounts with cheque books 2- any payment i made is by a payment card. I got some advice and someone helped with a letter sent to B&S by email, i've had no reply. I plan to make a complaint not only to his company but to the Office of fair trading and i may even complain to the council he became a bailiff with. I'm waiting on som
  4. Thank you for your replies. I was paying the council then missed a payment and they sent it to B&S. However, i am paying this years council tax and i'm going to put a complaint in about the Bailiff for the distress he caused. We've been visited by other bailiffs and they are lovely and tell you what to do next. We have never refused to pay them. B&S won't talk to me about the debt but it's ok for them to send a bailiff to threaten me. It's abit of a relief knowing they won't come.
  5. Hi, this is my first post. I have had a visit from a Bailiff from Bristow and Sutor about council tax debt. We got into arrears with them. The debt is in my husbands name. The Bailiff was very rude, he said he's going to get a warrant for my husbands arresst and come back at 6pm tonight. I got understandbly distressed by this and told him i am pregnant (i'm 10 weeks gone) and that i will not be opening the door to him. He said 'fine then, i'll be back at 6pm with the police'. My 4 year old daughter with me and she said 'policeman?' he then said 'yes to take your daddy away.' Luckily, s
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