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  1. Thanks for that Zingy, however after reading through it I noticed that it says "Further, I note that you have sent statements and correspondence containing sensitive private information to me at my address as that detailed in my s.78(1) request. If you are concerned that you are corresponding with the correct person I wonder why you have not verified the information before." but I have only just changed address and they haven't sent me anything at my new address. Shall I just delete that paragraph and the one after it?
  2. thanks harrassed senior, I shall wait for someone to come and assist me with that letter, i've had a quick look in the templates, but can't seem to find anything
  3. just seen them and they are obviously not large enough, will try to re-do them
  4. I shall get them scanned in today. I made a mistake on the '1st one', I put that they had sent me 'a signed application form' that's what it looks like, but I have just noticed that it says 'credit agreement' on the top of it, but then there is also a seperate 'credit agreement' sent to me, which makes me think they have simply added the wording 'credit agreement' on to the app form. Let me know what you think when I post it up?
  5. It just wasn't clear to me that it was for a ccj, they didn't get a summary judgement. I filled out the form and sent it to back the company, so I thought it was just an agrangement between us to pay them back in installments (and in order to keep it out of court), but I was wrong. I'm just looking through paperwork now, to see if they ever had my new address, I think they did, but have continued sending to the old one.
  6. UPDATE: I have now heard from 3 of my 4 cards. 1st one - has replied with a signed application form, up to date terms and conditions and a copy of my most recent statement. 2nd one - has also produced a signed copy of my agreement and has also sent a default notice, which seems to be in order with regards to dates etc. but no copy of the oft form. I need to pay the arrears on it by tomorrow. 3rd one - is saying that they can't respond to my letter because I didn't sign it and that I have to phone their specialist tean. They need to do this to protect the security of my account.
  7. Hi, just to update you, through my ignorance on these subjects, I didn't realise that the 'court summons' I was referring to was in fact a ccj. I thought it was merely a letter asking if I agreed that the debt existed and I gave all information to them regarding my income and expenditure. But I now have a ccj and I didn't even see it coming.
  8. Thanks: I will answer in same order as you; It's for £1500. They have threatend a stat demand, not sure if they will pursue or not. They have been reasonable in that they have waited nearly a year for payment, and have accepted that I can only pay in instalments, but whenever speaking to them on telephone it has always been hard to get the point across that I can't afford to pay as much as they want. Yes, I have a good document trail. Not sure if it has a credit agreement, but I have been purchasing from them for the last 15 years, so some kind of agreement must be in
  9. Thanks for your help emandcole. It wasn't due today as B10 said, I do have a few days left so I should have enough time as it went off in today's post. I've not been on the MCOL website. I have only received demands for payment, I don't think I have received a default notice (but still need to have look around to check, it was a bit of a rush today so I may have missed papers). A brief history is that I took delivery of goods early this year, however because my business started to suffer I couldn't make the payment. I did make some payments to reduce the debt, but couldn't make
  10. oh thanks emandcole! (just to clarify, and to avoid any confusion - I am "buzzard10" but logged on at the moment as "buzzard21", we are friends but B21 is not as computer literate as I am,- maybe it wasn't very clever of me to use such similar names :confused:) He is however coming round to my house in an hour with all his paperwork so we can get a better picture then. I want to check if there were any default notices sent etc. He sent court stuff off today before I could offer any help, because he panicked. I'm not sure yet if he's used the MCOL.
  11. Please can someone help? I have today received a court summons which went to my old address and the 14 days are up today! I have sent it off before the 5pm post, but have no knowledge what my rights are, or what will happen at court * please move this thread if I've put it in wrong section *
  12. bumping.............because I want to send these letters today and don't want to make a 'silly' mistake, thanks!
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