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  1. Hi Aviva, Thanks for your response. To answer your questions, it is a private landlord. The scenario is this: N handed his notice to quit Oct 09. N moved house, but due to his condition (schizophrenia) could not think straight or make judgements for himself and contacted the first landlord saying he had changed his mind and wanted to stay. A new tenancy agreement was signed for the first place. N continues to live at the second place and hasn't paid any rent for the first place, and the landlord hasn't checked his bank account so doesn't know. So N has two homes, one w
  2. Hi, My friend has schizophrenia and is on Income Support, Severe Disability Premium, Disability Living Allowance, Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit. He owes approximately £4,000 rent arrears on a property he rented in London. Could you please tell me what is the likely outcome? He does not live at that property anymore, but what can the landlord do. Can the landlord recover the rent arrears via his benefits ? If so, how much can be recovered and at what monthly/weekly rate? I believe it is called a Third Party Deduction. If anyone can shed any light on this, I
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