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  1. Cheers Antone, it's good part on a good note. More power to your good works. My very best to you and all at cag. Bye, pitcher
  2. No Antone, I did not call you a jerk, you are far from it . I have read your advice and you have helped many cagers, including me.I do not agree with you over something that I think a lot of. So it's goodbye and keep up the good work. My very best to you, pitcher sorry, I forgot to thank you for the good advice you gave when I asked. Thank you antone
  3. Hi Antone, No ,that is a poor response to a valid question. I do not agree with you but I will not go so low as to call you a jerk. Goodby. pitcher
  4. Hi Antone, It's very simple, don't edit posts. I think IDS has a stark resemblance to ............ I do, so can I say this on cag? I ask you, can I say what I think or is this just another site that's in the hands of the mods? If it is ,you have no site at all. I think this site is one of the best but if you wish to edit out real feelings by way of removing posts then, hail newspeak. my best, pitcher MY post has been edited to remove the IDS bit, I Think this is not right, cag. Why can I not say this????? p.s. who is the mod that cut me? name yourself or go away. I speak for myself not cag so why edit me? I ask again, who is the mod that is editing me, if you have a problem then say it to my face.
  5. I think Jackie has got of light so far. Just write - Hi jacs, in response to your letter of **/**/**. I refere you to the reply given in the case of Arkell v Pressdram. The end. pitcher
  6. Hi Annie71, I don't think I understand your point. Why should the btl give up what they have? They have done their biz for money. Your point on social housing-????.I'm Not having a go but what!? Happy to talk. my best, pitcher p.s. Don't Mention the .......
  7. I have never seen a more ill informed statement in my life, my best, pitcher
  8. Hi Panda, sorry to hear about your loss. A lot of people do “ out of character “ things when they lose a loved one. Drink, drugs, violence, shoplifting and spending sprees are all well-known actions. I think the advice above is something well worth considering. you are young and have work to do. I see no reason why you need the extra stress of RLP on your back. RLP has been well described in other posts. The guys have also shown you how to deal this particular parasite and Scotcall too. I don't know your circumstances but maybe a chat and a hug with mum may help you come to terms with your problems. My very best to you in the future, pitcher
  9. Hi estellyn, sometime back I was in a job where I was told to ignore well-known H&S rules. I said no and was told to “Get a grip” or leave. I did leave. Did it help the staff that I had to protect? No. Did it cause the company any trouble? No. They just hired someone else. Did it cause me loss of income? Yes. Did I sleep well at night? Yes. I think there is a right path for all people. I can look myself in the mirror knowing I've not hurt or put anyone a risk just to draw a salary. Best regards, pitcher (Thanks for the edit, who ever you may be, I did not want to offend)
  10. Hi all, I'm somewhat surprised that no CAG member has ever advised the use of the reply given in the case of Arkell v Pressdram (1971). Never the less, a really good thread with lots of good information on how to deal with RLP. Keep up the good work, Pitcher
  11. One of the best posts I've ever seen on CAG. Well done Rea , neat,funny and right to the point. my best pitcher [ You have a spare tenner?, lucky you!]
  12. Hi Ford, sorry to respond rather late but ill-health does odd things to one! I know you like things “bare bones”, have you had a try of pale moon,it's firefox stripped for speed . The only add-ons I use are Noscript, HTTPS Everywhere, HTTP Nowhere and WOT. Noscript is cool if your just browsing but if you have to interact, WOT gives you an idea if you want to turn scripts on/off, like if it comes up red, I just leave it. Noscript saves a world of pain .You know the odds between HTTP/HTTPS so HTTP Nowhere may be something to look at. No AV on your lappy? It's as you say, your browsing habits are your best defence. I still use keyscrambler, there is no slow down so what the ****. I've just stoped smoking (two months) ,Ifeel like God + ! my best, pitcher P.S. Mbam is the best on demand scanner I've ever found, worth a scan if no realtime AV in place. Safe surfing.
  13. Well done stewey, it's nice to hear some good news, for a change. The nightmare is over for you. my very best, pitcher
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