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  1. Thanks all - I am considering fessing up about the mods hoping the insurer will simply back-bill me for the increased premiums. This is a non-fault accident surely there is no interest in them declaring my insurance void? The other party would still end up footing the bill surely?
  2. Just checked and esure will give me a new car, problem is, I realised having gone through my docs that I didn't declare the factory fit options! so, they will probably give me a basic cooper! crap!
  3. Just to add, the mini bodyshop haven't yet had chance to take the bonnet off to have a proper look and assess the damage costs, this was just his guesstimate looking at the amount of work that will probably need doing - all the airbags have gone off for example. I'm surprised they managed to get the car from the compound in the same day as the accident to be honest!!
  4. Hi all Long time again (it's funny how you only seem to need these forums when something goes wrong! It's reassuring to know there's a place to turn in times of crisis!) Situation is on the 1st of this month I took delivery of a brand new mini, on PCP. Today, I was in an RTC that wasn't my fault (police attended and are doing the other driver for driving without due care). I am having the car repaired by the mini dealership, which means I have to pay my excess and recover it later. All standard.* I spoke to the mini dealer today who have looked at the car and think it may be a write off. My question is, this is a car with over £5k of extras on top of the basic cooper price. If they write it off and I suffer a shortfall between invoice price and the amount I get as a settlement, can I claim the shortfall from the third party via the "uninsured losses" route alongside the excess etc.? I don't have gap insurance. Thanks for any pears of wisdom
  5. Not since 2007. I have had two experian statutories in the interim that had no issues
  6. I tried signing up to noddle but they don't accept my details! I'm using my debit card ... Wonder if that's a sign that the account isn't listed
  7. Ah ok... I don't know. Ive not checked it for ages. Perhaps this is a good reason to order a statutory. Worst case scenario if the account is on there, I'm guessing it will affect it?
  8. Thanks for replying so late DX! I'm not sure what you mean by does it show?
  9. I dipped below zero on my Santander current account for a day. Paid my charge, its unarranged, and I am now back in the black. My worry is... Will it have affected my credit rating?
  10. agree with Emz Go in with your tail between your legs with the argument that: - it was an isolated case of bad judgement - you are normally a loyal and hardworking employee - it will never happen again Save any "they didn't get the same treatment" talk for an appeal / ET
  11. Well I'm pleased to say over the weekend the cheque arrived. More than happy with the result, though I was kinda ready for a fight! I might drop a quick email to the CEO just to say thanks for resolving the issue.
  12. Owning an out of date license is not illegal, but driving with one is. They won't fine you for being late renewing, but you could end up fined if a panda car pulled you over.
  13. Study your contract closely, I suspect the 1 month notice applies only after your probationary period is over, if either party wants out before then, it's usually a weeks notice!
  14. Ask him for his ID card. If he does not provide it, tell him to communicate everything in writing from his company's office address, no telephone numbers (especially mobiles). Tell him that you are revoking the implied access across your land to your front door and any further attempts to make in-person contact will be considered trespassing and tantamount to harassment. If he continues to harass you call the police. Only deal with in writing, and only registered writing too. Hand-posted notes through the door are not traceable. You don't know if they are from him or someone else - so file those under "bin".
  15. Do you have any restrictive covenants on your contract?
  16. Resolved! Kitchen was completed with my second choice of panels on Friday last week. Very happy with the results - both myself and others agree the second choice of panels look better than the first. B&Q have also made a three figure compensation for my inconvenience and a refund of the overcharged work, to be combined into one cheque which is in the post. I'll update again when that arrives (I still have an "if" at the back of my mind!) However, I'm very happy with the outcome overall as a result of my CEO email - it's a shame it took that far to get a response but I guess the moral of my story is that it is worth complaining until you get your way - and if you order a B&Q kitchen check all the items you ordered arrive before the build! Thanks to all the helpful CAGgers too who steered me in the right direction in terms of progressing - I almost wish we had to put up more of a fight!
  17. i think i know the tesco you mean, is it in the north west by any chance, next to a motorway?
  18. Don't phone - write and send recorded post Put a timescale for repsonse at the end e.g. "Looking forward to a response within 14 days" etc. Threaten to go to FCA if necessary!
  19. In your response where you didn't deny it but said the £100 was "too much" How did you word that you don't deny it? Did you essentially send them a letter admitting it?
  20. Just an update - yesterday evening a B&Q project manager turned up with the installer to catalogue the parts that needed replacing. They are allowing me to go for a more expensive range of doors and panels to replace all the existing ones, in a different colour. I should be getting a call today to confirm a date for the installer to finish off. I have been told that an inspector will visit once everything is in place to deal with the overcharging Looking good so far... as promised I will keep the thread updated with how things are going.
  21. I would call up the dealer and explain you want them to pick up and fix the car with a view to you paying the final £595, or give you a refund of your £1900 so you can walk away. I believe all cars bought second hand from a dealer come with a minimum 3 month warranty? Under SOGA I think you have to give them reasonable opportunity to fix the car before forcing their hand at a refund - but could be wrong with cars as I think there are some other exceptions that apply.
  22. If you feel it is posing a risk to you, why don't you see your GP and explain the situation you're in. Your GP will either say "don't worry" - in which case don't worry about catching anything - or might be able to confirm you are at risk of catching something in which case you have grounds to take the matter further. They are probably very embarassed about the scratching and having a flatmate constantly nagging them to get checked out because it might be scabies probably isn't helping. In reference to the other thread you linked is this the same "Eastern Bloc" woman (as you put it)?
  23. Just a curve ball idea along the lines of damage limitation - would it be worth negotiating to say you'll go quietly if they agree not to mention it in a reference requested by a future employer?
  24. And even if they recitfy the mistake, I guess they should provide you with an extra data allowance equivalent to the data allowance you were denied during the rectification period (e.g. 28 days of data at an extra 1GB pro rata)
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