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  1. I have contacted HSBC today about this debt and they said this account had been passed to a debt management company, I noticed in my other bank account that I had been paying a £1 a month to cl finance, but now Robinson and way own the debt, I am not sure why the total is so much but seemingly interest has been added, I have requested a copy of cca what else should I do,
  2. I have contacted dmp, will see what they say before I proceed
  3. I believe this debt was cleared and was midland bank, I have messaged payplan regarding this, but I won't be paying Robinson and way anything , I will request a cca, but they did not give me an agreement reference, so may have to wait until they write again
  4. I have taken control of my debts I am on a dmp paying a £100 a month and I have cleared over £5,000 of my debts, but now Robinson and way are saying they are chasing this debt for £11,000 which I believe was settled years ago. I did write to numerous companies for the cca so I have taken advice here.
  5. I believe this debt was no more, I believe it was with midland bank, but I was sure after I had defaulted years ago, I had paid it off and now Robinson and way say they own it and it is for 11,000 but I have never received any correspondence until today regarding this debt, I payplan are dealing with my other debts but not this one as I thought it was gone
  6. Ok May try that, I am on a debt management plan with payplan and I think they maybe able to help
  7. No nothing showing on my credit file It is a long time since I had this loan Can you still claim ppi even though Robinson and way own debt or they say there is 11,000 owing I am not sure how. I realise big mistake ringing Robinson and way, did withhold my number
  8. I received a letter today from Robinson way, asking me to ring them, like a fool I did but did withhold my number, I did do a security check, they advised me I had a debt for £11k outstanding with the Lewis group, or HSBC , this could relate to a loan I had years ago in 1999, for about £2000 I did default on the loan, but was paying a £1 a month, I never heard about for the loan for a long time, but now I had this contact from Robinson way asking for money, I told them on the phone they can forget it, as no way do I owe that much. What should I d
  9. I am having a problem with dlc they sent me a copy of the seemingly credit agreement but it looked like a generated one where they had produced themselves no signature on it. They have written offering a discount of the original debt. Should I ignore them
  10. I think we may have paid them a small amount in the last 6 years but they go quiet for a while and then rear their ugly head again.
  11. We have received further letters from dlc chasing debts that are over 10 years old. They have sent what looks like a generated copy of what was a copy of the original credit agreement but there is no signature on the agreement so It looks like a standard one their company sends to you I wrote to them years ago asking for a copy of the original credit agreement and they just sent this out now. They said they are wiling to accept a reduced amount should I ignore them or contact them to make a reduced payment.
  12. I am being chased again by Robinson Way, regarding a debt that we owed to london Scottish finance ltd. The original agreement had a conditional sale fee charged on it, we were told by here that this made the agreement unforceable. They are now threatening us with a home visit and have already threaten us with court. I have reported them to the oft but feel they wont leave us alone. I have posted a lot of threads about this, but i am still worried, dont want them to show up at the door.
  13. So it goes on, I have received a letter today, saying dont ignore this letter we are going to organise a home visit, can Rob.inson Way do this, I dont think they can.
  14. I have now taken off account number, any idea as what I should do about this
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