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  1. Yes, but i have left the detail at work, i am going to ask for a statement from the Baliff. Do you know why there are different levy charges? why wont the council take the debt back? I have not missed a payment, i pay on time and have paid ove £2,000 in the last 14 months? heading to bed now as up for work in the morning, thankis for your help so far? it is hard getting your head around all of this thanks
  2. so are you saying they can charge me for each seperate liabilty order? There was a copy of something put through my door ref the car? But nothing else? The council have told me a baliff can levy even if he does not get in the house, i have not got any further documentation at all, only the one for the car, and as i said it was on finance? What about the different amounts they have charge, for the levy's how do they get the figure? Thanks
  3. I have just re read the replies above and there was also a Walking Possession order, this might have been for a car we had on the drive when they visited, however, the sad thing about this is the car was on finance and at the time waiting to be repossed by the company As you can see i have had a few bad years i am now trying to get back on track and turn everything around, which is why i am now trying to inveswtigate and make sense of everything i have paperwork wise, i have just been keeping everything, and to be honest i am really lost by it all, frustrated, and feel that the Bali
  4. Hi Thanks for the advise so far, i have spoken to the council and found out the following In total 4 liability orders were issued to Rossendales, one for 91.75, the secon for 65.43, the third for £288.38 and the last one for £1338.28. The council issued them all in July 2008, but they were issued on different dates, 17 July, 21 July, 22 July and 27 July. The council have told me that because they are issued them seperatley then i can be charged for each one so therefore 4 x first visit, 4 x second visit, 4 levy fees and 4 van fees, if needed. All liabiltys were posted thro
  5. I was planning to ring the council tomorrow, as i have sat all night looking at this, i will then ring and find out the actual charges, what i really need to know is can they charge a first and second visit on multiple liabilities, it would be good to know I also need to know if they should have charge levy fees, as each one is a different amount, on what i have been given from the council, vary from £37, £54 and the other £62? And what about van charges two of these at £110? It would be good to have this when i talk to the council? I really need the council to taike back t
  6. Hi Help, i need to understand how much i can be charged in fees, and what exactly is a levy. I have 3 years of outstanding council tax with Rossendales, i have been paying £150 each month, i am now back tracking and checking all fees, and as i had more than one issued, i have been charged seperatley for first visits, second visits, and on each a levy fee. I have never spoken to a balliff or signed any document, so what is this levy, they have never entered my home. I have also been charged twice for vans calling? i am paying and do have an agreement, i am now looking at th
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