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  1. So you made a final payment 30 days after giving notice, and then cancelled the Direct Debit? Or did you phone them, say "I cancel" and then immediately go to cancel the direct debit? If the latter, then it would mean they couldn't take payment for your final 30 days of subscription during the notice period.
  2. The contract is not formed until the item is actually sent. They can legally cancel it at any point up to the moment it leaves them.
  3. You need to give 28 or 30 days notice to cancel (can't recall off the top of my head), so is it possible that the charge is for a final 30 days of subscription costs for the August-September period? ie - Your notice period? Were you outside of your minimum contract period when you cancelled? Did you just call them up to cancel, then immediately cancel your Direct Debit which wouldn't let them collect the final subscription payment for the notice period?
  4. The owners of electrotec-ltd.co.uk show as a company called "Servicecare Support Services Limited" I can't find any official ownership links between them and Panasonic though. Seems a tiny bit fishy to me that they wouldn't be using an @Panasonic e-mail address on their official outlet store, but instead the domain of an unrelated repair company.
  5. What statutory rights? There is no right to return an unopened product for a refund. The only right to return an item is in the case of it being faulty or not as described. There is no legal right to return an item just because of a change of mind or because the recipient already has it. The only possible way around that would be if the stores own terms and conditions explicitly allowed this in addition to your statutory rights, which from the sounds of it this store did not. Citizens Advice and Trading Standards were correct in the advice they gave you. I'm honestly quite surprised at the success of small claims action here. Sounds like the person running the hearing didn't understand the law themselves.
  6. The issue here though is that the OP isn't changing provider, they're terminating the connection altogether. This requires an engineer visit to the Exchange, which is why there's a charge.
  7. Pretty much every ISP charges this when you terminate the service rather than using a PAC code to transfer to another ADSL provider. It's a charge because someone has to go to the Exchange to actually disconnect your ADSL. I think it's £30 from all of them and I believe the charge is actually set by BT Openreach since they carry out the work at the exchange.
  8. UK Advertising Standards Agency to investigate Neurofen after Australian court case
  9. Except of course ads from companies that pay a nice fee to the carrier
  10. Watchdog have had several features on these in their latest series as well. Pretty much anything cheaper than around the £280-300 mark (The cheapest I've seen them on the high street) should send alarm bells ringing.
  11. That was a hilarious waste of time for everyone involved. Region blocking of any kind is never going to work long term. If anything, it encourages piracy more than it prevents it. The number of people who only pirate things because there is absolutely no legal (Or at the very least non hardware warranty bypassing, ala DVD/Blu-ray unlocks) method of viewing it where they live is utterly staggering.
  12. There will almost certainly be a VAT charge on the items as they're over the threshold. DHL will pay this on your behalf and charge you an admin fee for this. They'll either deliver the items and then send you an invoice later for the balance, or hold the package until you pay. Depending how much the DHL admin fee is, you'll probably be looking at a total charge of something in the region of £30-40 I think.
  13. People have been using VPN/DNS services to do this already for years (I can access Netflix content from anywhere in the world with my UK subscription ), so the new regulations are basically acknowledging that the battle for Geoblocking was lost long ago
  14. I bet the support service is on there using the favourite old trick. Promise the 'First Month free' of the additional cover by taking the first months fee off the price of the TV, but the sales person makes no mention that it's actually a continuing direct debit and that you have to actively cancel it. They rely on people not realising, or forgetting, to cancel it, as the sales staff will receive KPI bonuses based on how many of the service plans they can sell. But it's not commission. Honest.
  15. You say this like a government making a U Turn due to public opinion is a bad thing. Surely it's a sign of a good government as it shows they're actually listening to the people?
  16. This sounds just a little bit paranoid really...
  17. Need to check my mums as I think hers is a Hotpoint. It's on pretty much everyday and is in the garage, so left unattended whilst running.
  18. Not trying to scaremonger, just pointing out that if you continue to refuse a Smart meter when a supplier wants to install one, they have no obligation to retain you as a customer.
  19. No Yorkshire puddings? Quite surprised to see Lidl and Aldi so high up the price charts though to be honest.
  20. Nor are suppliers legally obliged to provide you with electricity.
  21. I suspect to give the operators time to update their systems. Or they possibly thought it would just take longer to get the regulations through.
  22. It doesn't have to be an authorised repairer, but using one can just tend to bypass that argument if it comes up is all. As has been said, get the independent report done, but preferably by someone other than the repairer you used last time. If you got them to do the report then it could possibly be considered as not independent as they already have some level of interest in the TV.
  23. I'd be very careful in reading the small print of these free upgrades. I wouldn't be remotely surprised if taking a free upgrade also tied you in to a new 12/18/24 month contract.
  24. You'd probably be better taking it somewhere other than where you had it repaired last time to get the report. If the problem was down to a sub-par repair they're less likely to report on that. As for if it's the same thing failing, it depends on how they repaired it. Did they use genuine/approved parts? Did they repair it using an approved method? Are they even an authorised repairer for that brand?
  25. It's certainly possible that the report could conclude it was no a manufacturing fault, it could indicate normal wear and tear on something (though unlikely on a TV only 3 years old), mis-use, accidental damage, etc. I think your biggest concern will be that your previous independent repair may have caused an issue and the report will conclude as such.
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