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  1. If download speed is what you want then unless you're in one of the very few Gigabit enabled areas, Virgin Media is your best bet. No other provider can come close to their top speeds.
  2. iPlayer to require TV licence from September 1st No more free BBC on-demand. Doesn't impact other on-demand services though.
  3. In my experience the shortage of housing tends to be because, whilst everybody wants more housing to be built, they just don't want it built near them. My local area often sees housing developments stalled for years because local residents will pull out every reason they can why no more houses should be built in their area. And this is when it's not even greenbelt land.
  4. Thermal printed receipts are not "Deliberate policy to issue customers with receipts that will hopefully be unreadable within a few weeks". Either you really are kidding or you have no idea what you're talking about. As has been said the reason retailers (Not just Currys but virtually all high street retailers) use thermal printing for receipts is because it's quick. There's no need to worry about ink cartridges running out (which would in turn lead to faded/incomplete receipts) and no need for someone working on a checkout to spend ages changing a cartridge then having to wait while the cartridge was primed.
  5. Everytime I've purchased something from Currys recently my receipt has been stapled inside of a card wallet. I'd imagine this will help to protect it from light sources and combat the issue of fading.
  6. Most surprising is the range of industries the company names seem to imply they're associated with. Technology, Recruitment, Medical care, Housing...it's not like they're even vaguely similar!
  7. I thought the 14 days was only if you purchased via the internet/phone. Have new regulations been brought in that allow cancellations of mobile phone contracts purchased from a store within 14 days?
  8. I'd always assumed this was already the case to be honest.
  9. They wouldn't re-issue a two year warranty on a replacement either. Any Warranty, and more importantly your rights under the Consumer Rights Act, kick in from the original date you receive the product. Having it replaced does not reset that timer.
  10. The choice of repair/replace/refund is down to the seller I'm afraid, not the purchaser. If the seller wishes to send the item back to their supplier or the manufacturer then they can do that, provided the item is returned within a 'reasonable time', usually accepted as up to 28 days. If the headphones are not repairable then the seller can do one of the following, Provide a brand new pair headphones Provide a refurbished but 'as new' pair of headphones (Unlikely with Headphones, but it is an option in general) Provide a full refund Provide a refund but with a deduction for 'enjoyment' based on how long you had them Sadly you don't have a right to simply demand a brand new replacement pair.
  11. Plenty of things sold on eBay are brand new, many traders exist using eBay to sell brand new goods, so the idea that eBay is purely for used/second hand goods is absolute rubbish. As DX said, do a Chargeback for the full amount, the item is not as described (It is not "New") and it appears that it was possibly even stolen property. It may even be worth reporting the trader to Action Fraud.
  12. How could you have still traveled if they refused? You wouldn't have had a Visa if that were the case surely. And if you could have traveled even if they refused then what prevented you from travelling due to them making an admin error? Had you booked your travel for the same day as your appointment to request a Visa? I don't think you'd be successful in a court case. The advice is clear, do not book a ticket until you actually have a Visa. You say that they have to own their mistakes, but at the same time you have to own yours, and in my opinion it was a mistake to book a ticket before you knew you'd get a Visa or not.
  13. From the sounds of things this is only going to impact people with around 6 months left on their passport. Isn't the general advice that you shouldn't travel on a passport with such little time remaining anyway?
  14. Vouchers/Gift Cards will generally not have a name printed on them. They're just a standard item with a barcode on them that is then registered as active on the retailer's POS system.
  15. Ah right. At the time British Gas did say it was their mistake for not realising so they wouldn't be billing any extra. I guess at least that answers the questions and clears up the confusion. Still worth switching for a £400/year saving though of course Thanks!
  16. I thought the meters were supposed to run backwards when generating from the solar panels. Is that not the case? Is it that they're simply not supposed to go up/go up slower during generation from the panels? If that's the case then I'm guessing that the old meter was simply unsuitable? I can't find any matching images of the old meter, but it was one with the five rotary dials for the reading and had a large spinning disc in the centre.
  17. Will take a look and see if we can find an independent installer to check the meter setup. How much would this kind of thing normally cost? Just so I know we're not being overcharged for something that sounds like a relatively standard procedure. I've also attached a picture of the meter (With serial numbers and such blanked out), is this type of meter suitable for a solar panel installation? The display fluctuates between the meter reading and the shown value of "rED". The KWH light also seems to go between periods of solid red and flashing red. Is that normal? I realise if there's an incorrect meter setup then changing suppliers wont solve the problem, my parents just don't trust British Gas to carry out any checks. We have another meter connected to the solar panels that's used for the FIT readings, but there's not been any issues with that.
  18. Posting this on behalf of my parents. So a little background info. My parents bought their house as a new build in 2000, so it had one of the older style electricity meters, with all the dials and the spinning disc. About 2 years ago they had solar panels installed (purchased outright, not the leased kind) and started to enjoy lower electricity bills, along with the FIT payments every so often. However in November of last year they were contacted by their supplier, British Gas, that their may have been an issue with their electricity meter so it needed to be changed for a newer one, since they might have been under or over paying for their electricity. My parents were rather skeptical but didn't have too much choice. So the meter was changed, though the engineer who changed it declared that there was nothing wrong with the old meter. (Just a note I forgot, both old and new meter are credit, not prepayment) Since then however, my parents electricity bills have now rocketed up to the same level they were before ever having the panels installed. Naturally we're very suspicious, it appears to us that the new meter is basically disregarding the reverse input from the panels. We contacted British Gas who were rather unhelpful and basically said it was probably an issue with the FIT element (even though that has been working fine and the cheques received from that have been consistent). British Gas said something must have changed, but when we point out the only thing that has changed is the meter they seem to disregard that. My parents feel they want the meter tested, but they're very distrustful of British Gas. They've already changed the meter under seemingly false pretenses and it'd be in their best interest to find nothing wrong. Even more suspicious is that the online account now suddenly says "Bill history currently unavailable" for their online account, right as we'd have reason to compare the last 2 years of bills/usage to the current usage. Maybe I'm just a cynic but it seems a lot of coincidences happening at once here. Is there any way to have an electricity meter tested independently? How much would this normally cost? Something just doesn't seem right about all this to us. We're already looking to change suppliers (Sainsburys are coming out £400/year cheaper despite ironically using British Gas) but we're open to other suggestions on what we can do here.
  19. Drivers will refer to some of the internal components of a headset I believe. But the retailer are correct in saying that they'll replace the Open Box product for another Open Box product. I think you're being very unreasonable expecting them to replace it with a brand new sealed product that would have cost more. Why do you feel that you're entitled to this?
  20. Aren't pre-ticking those boxes against regulations now though? So you have to purposefully tick it?
  21. Could you use those details to report him to the police for fraud? Whilst the bank wouldn't release any address details to you, they would to the police.
  22. Terms and Conditions cannot override, opt out of or change the law in the UK. When you order online, or purchase in a shop, the law takes ultimate priority. Terms and Conditions can only add to your rights, never take away from them.
  23. About time. It's outrageous that after charging you over the odds for the handset that the providers could then ask for more money just to unlock it. I think the usual rate they would charge was about £25 (Or that's what EE wanted from me a few years ago, it was at that point I went Sim only and started just buying my handsets outright, far cheaper in the long run)
  24. The Virgin Tivo box can't even compare to the Sky boxes if you ask me. The Tivo was just so ridiculously clunky and slow in comparison when I had it. One of my friends recently went from Virgin back to Sky specifically because of the Tivo's poor usability. That and he couldn't stop it recording Coronation Street by itself no matter how much he tried.
  25. The issue is that, even when it's recorded as no fault, it still results in an increase of premiums. I've no idea how insurers can say that someone driving into you with no fault whatsoever on your part somehow makes you more likely to have an accident in future.
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