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  1. Have you actually contacted O2 about this yet? If so what was the outcome?
  2. I was under the impression that provided you fulfill your minimum 12 month term, then the equipment is yours to keep. When I signed up to Sky earlier this year I asked if I could just use my friend's old Sky HD box to avoid buying another one, but because we were taking a Sky HD Package we got the box free anyway. The agent then said that my friend could sell his sky box on eBay if he wanted as it was his to keep. I know that virgin sometimes request equipment back after the end of your contract, but I'm fairly sure that Sky usually don't. (Again, provided you fulfill your minimum contract term)
  3. Given how many more people are approaching limits these days it would be interesting to see another study to see if the figure has gone above 1% from 4 or 5 years ago. If you ask me, a FUP is just a usage limit under another name, and allows them to just pick a number out of thin air rather than sticking to a fixed limit. Most ISP's have one or the other now, though Sky don't advertise a FUP anywhere that I can see on their Unlimited package, so they might be taking the first steps to do away with it....we'll have to see.
  4. What changes are taking place in the t&c's? I've not heard anything about this even though I'm a sky customer (though I did only sign up just over a month ago, so I might already be on the new t&c's to begin with)
  5. A Fair Use Policy basically means that the providers can literally pluck a number from thin air and declare that as your 'limit' for usage, rather than having to outline an exact limit. It allows them to change the limits at a whim without changing the terms of the contracts that people have signed up to. Clever isn't it?
  6. I would have thought that clause only applied to a replacement that was a different make/model. Surely the standard part of any warranty is supposed to be a like for like replacement if the same product is available. There'll be some more knowledgeable experts along, but for now I might suggest contacting CAB and see what they say.
  7. But he said that he didn't bank the cheque and still hasn't It looks like the best bet would be to ask Carphone Warehouse for recordings of the original call, and refuse that you entered into the contract.
  8. Well I had the 8% part right at least Even so, interest should be claimed just for the principal of it.
  9. I don't think you're quite right with always having to pay your excess regardless of fault. Someone reversed into my car in a car park last year and once I reported it to my insurance company that was that. I didn't have to pay out and claim back anything at all. The other party's insurance company paid for the repairs and my courtesy car, and I never had to pay out my excess. Perhaps it varies from insurance company to insurance company. At the time I was with Admiral, no idea who the other persons insurance company was though.
  10. Make sure you also demand interest on the money they've had. I think the council charge 8% per day for late payments to them, so why not demand the same back? It's only fair after all, they have inconvenienced you and have made interest on your money, they shouldn't come out of this with a profit no matter how small.
  11. Indeed, I can see the T-Mobile branding being dropped altogether within the next 6 months and everything is switched over to Orange. Though I do believe (or at least hope!) that existing contracts will be honoured until the end of their minimum terms, after which they'll be switched over to their (inferior) Orange equivalents. If they try to change them early, I'll immediately be calling to quote breach of contract and leaving.
  12. Oh dear. I'm on T-Mobile and absolute hate Orange. Last time I had an Orange phone I had terrible reception and horrible service, I was glad to get away from them. Orange also seem to hate the idea of unlimited internet usage on phones, which I currently get from T-Mobile for free on my G1 contract. I can see that vanishing when Orange fully take over... I wonder when this is going to be fully implemented. If it's before September and they try to do anything with my contract I'll be straight out of there....though I can see them letting all existing contracts run to term before they try to change anything. (Such as my precious unlimited internet usage and Flext plan) Looks like O2 or is going to be my only option when my contract is up in September! (Or Vodafone if I want to pay £5 extra per month)
  13. Remember that the banks aren't working through the weekends, so the refund process wont really have started on the banks end of things until Monday.
  14. Could you perhaps speak with the university to see if they can note the error down and ask them not to take it into consideration when marking?
  15. It sounds like you should go ahead with getting the independant report. The TV is only just over a year old, so I doubt dixons will contest it too much if the report states that there is a fault (which it certainly sounds like there is)
  16. I find it very hard to believe that they can do this. If the DVLA can come onto Private land and clamp a car that is declared SORN'd, then what's the point of SORN? Even if the car isn't SORN'd and isn't taxed, surely they'd be trespassing by coming onto Private Land, in which case you could prosecute the DVLA officer for the offence.
  17. I can't recall off the top of my head if a Wii is an item that's immediately swapped in store, quit PC World back in December, however more than likely it wont get replaced, they'll give you a number for you to call and get it repaired. If you gave your address when you bought the Wii then they should be able to look you up from your postcode and surname using their MCSD system, and this will allow them to print a new receipt for you aswell.
  18. It sounds like a typical agency Holoday pay deduction. Basically, they take a part of your wages each month/week and set this aside. When you take a holiday, this is given to you in the form of holiday pay. If there's any leftover at the end of your contract, then you get all of it back in a lump sum. Usually this is optional so you can probably contact Hays and ask for it to be removed and they'll stop deducting it. Of course that then means any holidays will be unpaid. It's all down to personal preference really. It doesn't count as an unlawful deduction, it's a standard agency/umbrella company thing for contractors which most do as standard unless you ask them not to.
  19. Shouldn't you also be interested in stopping the issues occuring in the first place?
  20. Why should it be up to the customer to spot the mistake? The garage made the mistake, therefore they should be responsible for fixing it. Lord knows if the customer makes any mistakes then stores will wash their hands of any responsibility, why can't the customer do the same?
  21. What 3 day course? No Tech Guy (including myself) was ever sent on any 3 day course at the store I worked at. We were just reliant on our own knowledge that we brought with us to the company. As for this issue, it does sound like a software issue that can likely be resolved by a complete system restore. As you have an Advent, after pressing the power button press the F8 key until you get an option for Repair Your Computer. Press Enter and then select the option for a complete reinstall. However, be sure you back up your data first, as this will wipe your data.
  22. I've just quit PC World as a Tech Guy technician, so let me see if I can help with this one. Basically, the PC World system wont allow a refund without at least a card of the same type being present. The only exception to this would be if the store did a manual refund, after which they could refund to any card or even in cash, but whether they do this or not will be down to the store. One thing your son could try is to go into the store for a refund, and simply tell them that the account from which it was originally purchased has been closed, so the card for that account no longer exists. He could then ask them to refund to his own debit card, which they can do easily enough. Of course this does mean the refund goes to your sons account rather than your own, but then if it was a gift for him he would have the value anyway.
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