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  1. So what alternative would you suggest? There are plenty of reasonable HCEOs out there chasing perfectly legitimate debts on behalf of people who should be paid what they're owed.
  2. Interestingly I saw a repeat of an older episode I've seen before last night. The faces of people involved are now blurred out, yet when that episode aired previously there was absolutely no blurred faces and you could clearly see who it was. Wonder if Channel 5 are going back and desperately blurring faces of people after this ruling for all their repeat versions of programs.
  3. This show seems to be popular in America for some reason. The US Netflix has it up for streaming and recently added a third series to the selection over there.
  4. I suppose the people who have registered anonymously could be given a generic but unique ID number that is sent to them with their voting card that they simply need to provide at the polling station rather than their address.
  5. Make it clear when you speak to them that you have an independent report stating that it's a hardware failure, and when you send it off for repair make sure to enclose a copy (Not the original but a copy) of the report from Apple too.
  6. EE are responsible. Are you able to get it in writing from the Apple Genius bar that the fault is an inherent hardware problem? Armed with that EE will have to repair it. Oh, and just ask them if their written report can make it explicitly clear that there is absolutely no liquid damage to the phone.
  7. Oh I most definitely intend to keep an eye on it. At least I now know about their not well advertised Direct Debit manager so if they do try anything I can just pull it back down. Then at the end of April when the fixed price is up it'll be off to another supplier.
  8. Whilst Capita have issued a profit warning, unlike Carillion they're still actually making a profit. It's just that instead of making £400million profit they've 'only' made £300million profit Capita aren't in danger of going under anytime soon and aren't in any need of a bail out. They will however use this as an excuse to engage in cost cutting exercises.
  9. The recording you made can still be used against them. Not telling them you're recording them means it can't be shared with other people (So absolutely no posting it on Youtube/Facebook/etc), but you can still provide it to Virgin Media themselves and use it in any court action against them. And I believe it could still be supplied to the Ombudsman as evidence. I'll gladly stand corrected on that but that was my understanding of how it works when you record phone calls with companies.
  10. Managed to get the Direct Debit back to the original price through the complaint manager I understand the advantages of the Standing Order, but for my grandmother the Direct Debit is just easier to manage. One crafty thing I noticed, in the e-mail when they told us that they were increasing the direct debit it was basically just a notice implying "We're doing this, it has to be done, tough" The notice that the direct debit was being reduced however had a link to the "Direct Debit Manager" which allows you to go online to increase/decrease your direct debit at will. Odd that Scottish Power have this facility, but only tell you about it when they're lowering your payments along with the implication that you can use it to increase your amount instead. Oh, and Scottish Power did finally respond to my tweet 5 days later, after I'd already made an official complaint A big thanks to everyone though, especially Bazooka Boo for the great advice! Think we can mark this one as resolved. Now where's that donate link....
  11. And after singing their praises a new issue arises. Have just received an e-mail that, despite the account being £132 in credit after being rebilled with the amended meter readings, the direct debit is insufficient and needs to be increased from £66/month to £93/month. Have replied to the e-mail from the complaint handler telling them to take it as official notice that the increase is not authorised and asking them to reply and confirm it won't increase. I suspect this is just some automated process that's happened due to them refunding all the previous bills to the account and then re-billing, but it's something the complaint handler should've expected and stopped before it happened.
  12. Yep, as soon as her fixed price term is up at the end of March and there's no exit fees I'll be moving my grandmother to another supplier And getting some Quidco cashback out of the deal going through uSwitch
  13. Well no phone call, but did get an e-mail at about 12 saying that they have now gone back and amended the opening meter readings for 31st March 2017. Logged onto the online account and the submit meter readings does now show the correct value. Looking at the billing history what they've done is nullified all of the previous bills and refunded it as credit to the account, then generated a brand new bill to cover all usage since 31st March 2017, which looks correct and still actually leaves the account in about £130 credit. They've asked us to submit actual meter readings using the online tool after a 48 hour period, so I'll do that this coming weekend. Glad to see they've got this sorted seemingly before I even had the chance to send in a letter as a follow up to the complaint, and at least their resolution has been given in writing via e-mail (Though would've been a recorded phone call regardless). Just amazes me that what this one person could resolve in less than 5 minutes couldn't be resolved in over 2 months of contact with their customer services.
  14. Logged the complaint via the phone, so should be getting a call from a complaint handler at 1pm this afternoon. (The initial call was recorded and the one from the complaint handler will be as well) To make things a bit simpler the call handler checked the log of communication between Scottish Power and the previous supplier and confirmed that both suppliers had agreed that the opening meter reading is what I said it should be (But that is still 6000 units more than what Scottish Power have down as the opening meter reading, and about 5700ish units more than the current meter reading on the My Account section of the website when estimated usage is taken into account) so at least there's no argument over the numbers from the looks of things. If the complaint handler tries giving me a different story I'll take great delight in saying I can send them a recording of the call where Scottish Power told me this Of course that begs the question of why Scottish Power never did anything with this final/opening meter read if they had received it and agreed it was correct! I'll get to work on a follow-up letter as well after speaking to the complaint handler this afternoon.
  15. £600 doesn't seem unreasonable if we're talking about the entire wheel, not just the tyre. A very quick look on Google shows that a set of 4 replacement wheels for my car would cost over £2,600
  16. Thanks. Given that they seem to be ignoring e-mails I think what I'll do is go and see my grandmother this weekend and we'll call them up to log the complaint (I'll get a call recording app on my phone to do this) since I won't be able to talk to them about her account without her present to authorise me. Once we've done this I'll see about also sending a letter to them stating the reference number we were given on the phone, stating in the letter that this is just a written follow up of the complaint for both our and their records. I might also tweet them and ask why they're ignoring e-mails about my elderly grandmothers gas meter issues in the middle of winter....
  17. last year I helped my grandmother switch from EON to Scottish Power to save some money on her energy bills, in October of last year when they requested meter readings we noticed that the previous meter reading showing on their website was in the region of 6000 units lower than the reading we had just taken. We contacted Scottish Power using their online contact form and explained the situation, they requested a photograph of the meter showing the serial number and current reading, then confirmed that the serial number was correct and that the meter read was indeed anomalous. At this point they requested we take photographs of the meter reading every day for a week to check if there was an issue with the meter reading too fast, we provided these at the end of the week the usage seemed normal, Scottish Power determined that the previous supplier had given them an incorrect opening meter read. On 2nd November Scottish Power advised that they would go back to the previous supplier and request that they amend their final meter read to a correct one and that within 28 days the opening meter reading on the Scottish Power account would be corrected. Shortly after my grandmother received an amended final bill from eON for £90 which showed they had amended their final meter read to the one specified by Scottish Power. After this was paid we just assumed that the issue would be resolved. Come late December Scottish Power sent an automated mail requesting meter readings so we took these, upon logging in to the website again we found that the online account still showed a meter read 6000 units too low. I replied to Scottish Power's e-mails on the matter on 25th December and received a response on 2nd January apologising and stating that they would once again get in touch with eON to have them amend their final meter read and that the issue would be resolved within 28 days. I immediately replied to this e-mail on the same day, advising Scottish Power that the previous supplier had already amended their final meter reading and that the issue was with the Scottish Power opening read, and that any changes needed to be carried out by Scottish Power. I never received a response to this mail. I sent another mail reply on 13th January, beyond the automated "We will respond within 48 hours" there was no reply forthcoming, and the online Scottish Power account still shows a meter reading 6000 units short of what it should be. As far as I can tell what's happened is that either Scottish Power have made a mistake when opening the account, as it appears from the amended final bill that eON did provide a correct final read originally, or shortly after opening the account a Scottish Power meter reader came to the property and read the meter, because the meter is at floor level they mistook a 6 for a 0 and then amended the meter read downwards themselves. We just want Scottish Power to amend the meter read on their system so that we can submit accurate meter readings without running the risk of being charged for 6000 units of usage that has already been paid to previous suppliers. Long term this issue also prevents switching providers as the new provider will be given the incorrect meter reads and the problem will start all over again. All communication with Scottish Power so far has been in writing via e-mail and we'd prefer to keep it that way so that everything is recorded/documented. I was planning on following the Scottish Power official complaints process this weekend, before that I was wondering if anyone here had an e-mail address for the Scottish Power CEO that I could try and contact on my grandmothers behalf and see if they can get this issue sorted out faster.
  18. Are you able to try using the same account/payment card to place an order to a different address? A friend or relative or work office? If that works then perhaps try to see if you can get a delivery to a neighbours house in the same postcode. This might help to determine if it was indeed your address/postcode that is the problem or not.
  19. You're thinking of a Section 75 claim, totally different thing
  20. Or they'll go the Just Eat route and rename it to a "Service Charge" that gets applied to all payments, even cash
  21. As far as my (very limited) understanding is, if the OP hired their own cheaper car then they can be shown to be mitigating their losses and so the third party insurer would have far less of an argument against paying out the hire car costs. The (significant) downside is that the OP would have to pay all of the hire costs for an unknown amount of time from their own pocket until their car is repaired/returned and then claim back that money after the fact.
  22. I'd be worried about the third party insurer refusing to pay the exorbitant credit hire costs, as in this thread - https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?483974-ADVICE-required-Defendant-insurer-refusing-to-pay-for-credit-hire-vehicle
  23. I believe the "Prior to them moving in" part was in reference to the removal of the condemned sticker, not when their own engineer inspected the boiler.
  24. Sadly it almost certainly will affect you. Insurers claim that if you've been in an accident that wasn't your fault, it somehow makes you more likely to be in another accident in future, so a non-fault claim will almost certainly increase your premium.
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