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  1. What on earth is "Line Rental Plus" compared to just normal line rental?
  2. My main issue was the admin charge, £12 just seemed excessive, especially considering Fedex had been paid to ship the item from its origin point by the company I ordered from anyway, so it felt like they were asking to be paid twice.
  3. Success. Sent the below e-mail to Fedex, And got this reply, Though I'm going to assume that the unwritten part of this is that this'll be a one off occurrence and next time the charge will stand.
  4. They delivered the item immediately with no mention of any charges. The invoice for the charge just came through today, a week later.
  5. Well I received the game last week, so it's already been opened and I've started playing. Plus I'd just have to try and get it from somewhere else as it's a version of a game not available in the UK
  6. Hi all! Looking for a bit of advice. I recently imported a computer game from a company in Hong Kong which was delivered to me via FedEx last week. Just today I've received a letter from them, a "Duty & Tax Invoice". The value of the item I imported was £23.89, so it seems there's £5.64 of tax owing. A bit annoying, but fair enough I suppose. However, FedEx are also charging a £12 "Clearance Administration Charge", bringing the total they want me to pay them to £17.64. Now, the £5.64 of tax I don't mind paying, that's owed and that's fair enough. But a £12 'Admin' charge seems ridiculously excessive to me. I never agreed to paying that at all. Am I within my rights to write to FedEx saying that I'll pay the tax owed but I do not feel I should be paying their excessive admin charges? With that charge they almost want me to pay for my entire order all over again.
  7. Sorry to be blunt but, where exactly? You can certainly request one, but the retailer is not obliged to actually give one if they're offering to make it right via a repair/replacement.
  8. Given that the unit is 5 and a half years old at least (You don't say when in 2009 it was purchased, but any time in 2009 would be at least 5 and a half years ago, up to 6 and a half years) then I wouldn't say their offer is unreasonable really. You might be able to get them to up their offer to somewhere around £50 or maybe, maybe up to £75, but anything more than that would be an unreasonable expectation really.
  9. Sounds like they want to check you genuinely can't afford the goods rather than just saying you can't because you've changed your mind. Whether they have any right to do so is another matter entirely.
  10. The PS4 power supply is internal. The only external component is a bog standard power cable which I highly doubt will be the problem.
  11. Don't Argos have the option to offer a repair rather than a refund? Of course they themselves must organise this if the repair is to be carried out by the manufacturer.
  12. You can ask them to replace rather than repair, but unfortunately the choice on which to do is up to the retailer, not you.
  13. Its already been confirmed that any plan on abolishing/severely restricting the carers allowance has been dropped after Cameron opposed doing so.
  14. Doubtful. He wont receive the money, the insurance company will just pay the repairer directly.
  15. You might need to give more details. It would be hard for an in-game item bought with in-game cash to be 'faulty' in the usual sense of the word. As for mis-labelled, it's possible but again these in-game purchases are usually fairly simple and it's typically quite obvious what you're buying. Can you provide more specific information on your issue?
  16. Just leave it, you've given him enough chances. Get onto the insurance and get it done properly.
  17. Thinking about it.....would it be a bit cheeky to put in an adult 09 number so they're trying to cold call a virtual mistress of the night?
  18. Assuming you have fully comp insurance, then you wont lose your no claims as the other driver was at fault. He's admitted as much and, since he hit you from behind, the insurance companies will more or less automatically deem him liable. You might have to pay your excess at first, but then will get it back when the other drivers insurance pays up. This seems to vary depending on the insurance company though. Some people I've read about have had to pay the excess then get it back, but when someone reversed into me a few years ago, I didn't have to pay my excess. I just got a courtesy car delivered and mine was taken away at the same time for repair and then I got my car back, that was that, no payout at all from my end of things. You will however notice a slight premium increase. The Insurance companies will insist that because you had an accident that was in no way your fault, you are somehow more likely to have another accident in future. Personally, I'd go through the insurance. I don't think I'd ever trust a "Oh just get it repaired and I'll pay" arrangement. That to me generally screams either "I have no insurance", "I'm not supposed to be driving this car because it's stolen/borrowed without permission", or "I wont pay and by the time you realise it'll be too late and I'll have scarpered"
  19. Might change my paypal registered phone number to Paypal customer services number so they cold call themselves
  20. Must accept? So what if someone were to use a system like Trucall to block them? Would that suddenly mean they shut down your Paypal account?
  21. If you're running Windows 8/8.1 then Windows Defender (already built-in) is all the anti-virus you need. And in fairness, the bloatware isn't anything to do with PCWorld/Currys. The manufacturers put all that crap on there so you'd get it no matter what retailer you bought the same laptop from (provided it was sealed/new of course)
  22. Thing is, this isn't a free game. It's a full priced retail game that then has micro-transactions included as well so you can unlock content without going through the gameplay steps to do so. If you ask me, that's far worse than the F2P model.
  23. Unfortunately the short answer is, no. Since it was his own account and there's no element of using someone elses account without their permission, and by your own admission he was aware of what he was doing, there's no comeback to try and reclaim any of the money either via the game publisher, Microsoft/Sony or the bank. These in-game purchases typically can't be re-sold as they get tied to the account that purchased them, even before they're redeemed in-game.
  24. The reason it bends is basically due to it not having enough structural strength relative to the length. This is the big issue with phones getting thinner and lighter, it comes at the cost of strength. In the letter you sent, did you advise you would be taking court action if no suitable response was received? If not, then I would send a final letter advising them that if they do not resolve the issue to your satisfaction then you will be taking court action. Also, have you forwarded them a copy of the report from the mobile phone shop? You should forward a copy of that with any final letter as it will further show that you're serious.
  25. He never said the customer had to ring Samsung, but that the store did. So no, customer rights weren't being infringed at all. I used to work for PC World as an in-store technician and the processes for PC's/Laptops gave the customer a choice. Either they could bring the item to store, we book it in, call up the main repair centre, have it repaired in-store for a desktop or sent to the main repair centre for a laptop, then we call the customer, they have to come back to store and collect the item then take it back home. Alternatively, we could provide the number for them to call the repair centre and book the repair themselves, allowing them to have either an in-home repair on a desktop, or a doorstep collection/delivery for a laptop. The reason for this was that it was simply more convenient for the customer. It saves them at least one additional trip to store, and they don't have to carry potentially expensive/fragile goods through a crowded shopping park/town centre. It was a similar case for many other products such as tablets when I was there, though I am going back over 5 years now.
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