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  1. hi from what ive read on here your husband wont be arrested, the police will only come to prevent a breach of the peace. im sure others will confirm this and explain your rights in full
  2. hi, a couple of years ago my wife and i split. we got back together after a few months. however while we were split she ended up owing the council tax of £138.14. this has gone to bailiffs. i tried ringing bailiffs to make an offer of £5 for the first 2 months (due to the fact i am paying my council tax off) and then £25 a month until its paid off. the bailiffs tell me this is not enough (even though i told them i cant afford any more) and it had to be paid back in 12 weeks max and if i needed longer its up to the council. i phoned the council and they said its in the bailiffs hands and it
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