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  1. Letter Before Action posted to the Colmore Row address by recorded delivery today. Unless favourable response received will be filing suit by moneyclaim in two weeks from today. Will keep you all posted.
  2. Thanks for the advice, Reload. I will wait until the 21st before sending my LBA. It doesn't state anywhere in the letter that it is their final response. I have copied the letter I received today below in case anyone else has had the same letter: I like the bit where they state that they are doing their customers a service by returning unpaid items!!! Also if they had not applied so many damn charges (sometimes up to £200 per month) I would not have been in the situation where my DD's were being returned and incurring charges - classic snowball effect. They say that we should cont
  3. I have today received a letter from David Just (Asst Mgr) which looks like their standard response ... Thank you for taking the time to contact us about your account etc etc ... and threatening withdrawal of banking facilities if I proceed. This seems to be their final word on the matter as they end the letter saying "I should mention too that if I don't hear back from you at all by 11 August 2006 I will take it that matters are resoved between us and close my file." Ha Ha Ha! I think that it is now time to send my LBA but this was not due to be sent out until the 21st. Should I wait a few
  4. Thanx for your reply. I only need to go back as far as July 02 on this account as, according to my statements, there were no charges applied before that. This Lloyds A/c has only been open for five years.
  5. First of all, what an absolutely fantastic site. I, like thousands of others, watched Tonight With Trevor McDonald on Monday night in astounded horror. Not only have the banks been getting away with charging excessive penalty charges but I have been one of those being charged (to the tune of £2,500+) and did not realise that I had recourse to reclaim these charges. So a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to this site and opened my eyes! I have spent the morning wading through my statements online and, using the brilliant spreadsheets provided, have now calculated my claim back
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