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  1. Hi thanks for your reply , contacted kennel club , and they say its a civil matter , we do not get involved as we are a register for dogs ,the breeders are the first call of contact on the k.c website regarding another breed , I pointed this out , but still nothing in putting things right , they have breached k.c regulation regarding selling a dog without papers ?????what more can one do , I am going to rehome the pups in family homes as pets and accept the losses to put this bad situation behind us as I worry about my husband and we do not need the stress, I look at pups and cry knowing I have let them down, I have told my husband things are getting sorted out and not to worry ,sorry but must sign out as upset too much , thanks again best regards Pat x
  2. Well Not Sure How To Start Or What Help To Seek , Contacted Police (can Not Do Anything , As Civil Matter ~) , Finding It Hard To Get A Solicitor To Act , What Is This World Coming To When The Law Can Not Get Involved In A Pure [problem] & Rip Off Involving £0000 To Say I Am Annoyed Is Telling It Mildly, We Bought A Dog For Showing And Possibly Breeding In The Future , We Sent £2000 & Should Of Recieved The Paper Work Which Confirmed The Sale And Transfered Ownership To Us On Recieving Payment , Part The Contract Was A Puppy Returned From Our First Litter Or Price Of Pup , Before The Agreement Had Time To Mature , We Were Asked About Paying Early , We Agreeded To This , But After Agreeing To Same People Asked For More Money Then They Were Owed ,.. We Refused This And Advised That If Higher Figure Is Demanded Then You Must Wait Till Pups Are Sold As Agreed We Believe This Was Fair As They Were In Breach Of Contract Due To Not Forwarding Papers On Receipt Of The First Payment So They Start With Blackmail And Even Committed Fraud We Advised That We Will Honour Our Side The Agreement And They Have To Let The Agreement Mature We Finally Bred The Dog Some 6 Months Later After Giving Her Time To Settle In With Us , We Produced 8 Pups Valued At £12000 , Now The Same People Ask For Even More Money Or No Papers To Register The Pups , Without The Papers We Can Not Sell The Pups Or Register Them So At A Loss Over The Monies Sent And The Pups Produced, I Would Like To Claim For Losses Due To Breach Of Contract For The Price Of Pups If They Forward Papers We Would Not Be At A Loss And Can Do As Planned , With No Loss To Ourselves , But No , They Want More Money Or No Papers How Do We Stand On This? My Husbands Health As Deterioated Rapidly Concerning This And Other Medical Problems , All Help Will Be Greatly Appriciated Which A Huge Donation To This Site Or Anyone Who Can Help Us Solve This Problem , We Are At Witts End Thanks And God Bless Pat X
  3. Hello people brilliant forum and first post here , so you only have a single page for your agreement? and i believe your signature on front of agreement,and condition on rear of this page I believe this to be wrong , and not executed properly , you are lucky if you have only a single page , signature on front , condition on otherside
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