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  1. Hi thanks for your reply , contacted kennel club , and they say its a civil matter , we do not get involved as we are a register for dogs ,the breeders are the first call of contact on the k.c website regarding another breed , I pointed this out , but still nothing in putting things right , they have breached k.c regulation regarding selling a dog without papers ?????what more can one do , I am going to rehome the pups in family homes as pets and accept the losses to put this bad situation behind us as I worry about my husband and we do not need the stress, I look at pups and cry knowing I hav
  2. Well Not Sure How To Start Or What Help To Seek , Contacted Police (can Not Do Anything , As Civil Matter ~) , Finding It Hard To Get A Solicitor To Act , What Is This World Coming To When The Law Can Not Get Involved In A Pure [problem] & Rip Off Involving £0000 To Say I Am Annoyed Is Telling It Mildly, We Bought A Dog For Showing And Possibly Breeding In The Future , We Sent £2000 & Should Of Recieved The Paper Work Which Confirmed The Sale And Transfered Ownership To Us On Recieving Payment , Part The Contract Was A Puppy Returned From Our First Litter Or Price Of Pup
  3. Hello people brilliant forum and first post here , so you only have a single page for your agreement? and i believe your signature on front of agreement,and condition on rear of this page I believe this to be wrong , and not executed properly , you are lucky if you have only a single page , signature on front , condition on otherside
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