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  1. I found my original notes on this. The original caller gave me a reference number and said if I needed any more info I should contact ANOTHER company. Marlin Financial Services. This shower were equally unhelpful. When I draft my letter is it okay to post it here to get some feedback? Obviously, I'll remove any personal info etc. cheers
  2. Thanks for all the input here. I'll draft a letter at some point this week and maybe post it here for some feedback/suggestions - if that's okay? I'm from Glasgow, Scotland by the way. Thanks again.
  3. Hi, I'm new to this forum so apologies in advance for any faux pas. A few days before christmas (21 or 22 December 2009) I received a phone call from a rather cocky man from "DML" asking me to give him my credit or debit card details in order for me to pay the £200+ debt I have with them. He called me at my work's telephone number. He gave me an address that I haven't stayed at for around 3 years. He said the Clydesdale bank account I had has outstanding bank charges on it which have reached the £200+ mark and I must arrange to pay it. I said I wouldn't pay anything unless he g
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