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  1. If the debt was fully included in your sole name in the bankruptcy and you have been fully discharged then the debt is part of that and they can't ask you to pay
  2. Sometime ago, I was injured in a supermarket car park, nothing really major, did see a doctor who didn't prescribe anything. They initially offered a £20 voucher which I refused. Lots of fobbing off later I eventually said I would be prepared to go to court but would accept £500 instead... which they gave me I was very happy with that amount for my very minor injury. I didn't consult any legal people.
  3. Two days is quite quick for them to credit a cheque, So the strange entries could just be they made a mistake and put it as cash instead of cheque and debit it to balance so they can then they enter the amount as a cheque shortly You say: "22/05/13 counter cash crd £6070"
  4. If you don't want to sit up all night why don't you call them (if they have a 24hr line)..it would be worth the peace of mind surely even if you have to pay? I think there maybe a number if you go to http://www.saynoto0870.com/search.php and search for co-op
  5. Have you ever asked MBNA for a copy of your agreement? If it was taken out a long time ago they won't have one more than likely
  6. BTW you can open a basic account with Barclays, (arrrgghh) but they are the only ones now doing one for discharged BKs AFAIK
  7. I am in exactly the same situation, a lot of mistakes, wrong dates, open accounts with money outstanding as if I racked up a lots of debts on open accounts after bankruptcy discharge! They don't bother to update your files properly. What I have done is write a letter of Complaint to each company involved (make sure you have the right dept and address), giving them a copy of your discharge. Also send a copy of the discharge to the CRAs. Give the companies notice that you will give them the statutory 8 weeks to respond or you will take the complaint to the ICO and the FOS. Several of th
  8. Go to http://www.noddle.co.uk as a first step, you can look at your credit file for free, you will see how much you owe to which company. But it may not be totally accurate and you may have duplication of debts on your file.. I have and I am trying to get them sorted out. The debts may have been sold on to a debt collector and then they put it on as another debt. Look for the amounts to see if they are similar will give you a clue. You can also see CCJs or bankrupty on there too.
  9. I know exactly how you feel about the worry and lack of sleep. But you are going along the right path and trying to sort it all out. First of all are any of these debts statute barred? That is have you made no payments or acknowledgement of them for 6 years? Next you need to find out exactly how much you owe, one way would be to get a credit report which is free from Noddle and £2 from both Experian and Equifax. You can then see if there are any CCJs or if you have been made bankrupt already. I was discharged from bankruptcy 2 years ago now and it is like having a big anchor lifted from y
  10. gideonssword You are very welcome, the BK experience is stressful yes, beyond doubt. The creditors and their associated leeches would really like to bleed you for years if they can and make you a debt slave with a millstone so great you will never for the rest of your life get rid of. But if you take good advice and don't bury your head... which you do initially it is undeniable and natural.. and go the BK route as best option you will find that the relief to the pain and nightmares is a totally new world you could not have envisioned before. Do not tread the BK path without careful c
  11. Welcome to the start of the rest of your life without the nightmares of debts hanging over you for years
  12. I was discharged from bankruptcy and my 'debt' was still sold on from MBNA to these sharks... HA HA suckers.... I will be chasing you to clear your loser dealings from my credit files
  13. US websites are now following this.. so please pass on to all you know and let us show we don't want to be debt slaves to the banksters UK France Germany Ireland Portugal Spain Europe.. join us, say NO to funding bondholders at 100% at the expense of our lives of poverty.. say go away, no pay NO PAY BANKSTERS
  14. Peaceful protest march against the banksters robbing our pensions, charging massive interest, borrowing from unborn children, holding the world to ransom, making us pay for their mistakes and giving themselves massive bonuses London 4th April 2011 Birmingham 4th April 2011 Manchester 4th April 2011 York 4th April 2011 Glasgow 4th April 2011 Norwich 4th April 2011 Cardiff 4th April 2011 Bristol 4th April 2011 Plymouth 4th April 2011 Be THERE
  15. "Mark", a member of the ever growing cadre of disillusioned, disenchanted and disgruntled millions of American unemployed, has written a letter shared by A Company of One, in which he explains the plight of 99'ers (those whose extended unemployment benefits are set to expire) in which he chronicles his plight and his terminal disappointment with the American system. One can only imagine how all the "99'ers" would feel if they did not have the benefit of living at least partially subsidized for 2 years in the socialist state of America. If Bahrain is any indication, where the governmen
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