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  1. Thanks for Steampowered and Conniff, as 3 of the documents have been removed, not sure your getting the full picture. Only mine left. Beginning to dislike this site, shall not be guiding people to here any more. Please remove my account.
  2. Can those who are familiar with legally binding documents please look over this agreement? I am meant to sign by 23rd Jan. I am uncomfortable with the whole issue, but even more with the agreement as it appears to have commas in which I always understood could lead to ambiguity. I have also included previous correspondence on the issue. Would appreciate advice, many thanks in advance.
  3. Could someone tell if I "have" to reply to the solicitors letter by the date they specify? i.e. 5th. Just I rang the IP office and had some interesting information given to me and I want to be able to put it in letter which I have composed, but my brain aches at moment and there's no way I am going to get it finished by last post. I am guessing that actually, if it's not court ordered, I actually don't have any obligation to reply by their set date.
  4. Yes, I have realised that Bankfodder, but I feel that's a little unfair to close the post, isn't this is after all for all to comment on? Others may have other information that haven't seen this thread yet and might offer other useful info, apart from your very appreciated info???
  5. My second communication in response to the served paper work: sent 7/11/14 Dear Sirs, Header in Caps I write regarding the above. I am astonished at the extraordinary lengths your client has gone to notify me of his demands considering my return reply the very same day, in response to his initial email (see attached); where I gave Mr xxx the opportunity to embark amicably in resolving his concerns. If only your client had employed someone to do some proper investigative work, which wouldn't have taken much in all honesty, rather than confront me unnecessarily in town on a Sunday
  6. Here is the start of the correspondence [ATTACH=CONFIG]54698[/ATTACH] first contact 30 May 2014 [ATTACH=CONFIG]54699[/ATTACH] my reply 30th May 2014 Not sure how this will come out so will just add these two now.
  7. Thank You Sadie de Rue for informational links, however I like Bankfodder am unsure of how it relates to infringement of a name and therefore their business? I have read through both links and although I don't understand most of it, what I can glean is that the reference to in "British Leyland Defence" is it relates to copyrights being breached when it comes to spare parts, and those manufacturers whom make a similar design whether based on copying the original 3d version and tweaking the design. Therefore, monopolisation and stifling the competition essentially. Which in a sense yes,
  8. Thank you Bankfodder for your in depth reply, appreciated. Can you clarify as to how you are basing this info on, is it experienced legal knowledge or information found on web? So, from your post it would appear that I haven't a leg to stand on although, through research I have conducted, and with the Solicitors suggestion that I do have a case for rebuttal, I thought I might have some leverage. Do you not feel I have a case to ask for out of pocket expenses (you don't mention it), ie I am being made to transfer my domain to someone who doesn't own it and my website would have to be
  9. Yes, it was rather full! Thanks CitizenB, have sent you PM with info. Maybe you could judge if acceptable for info to be visible.
  10. Oh dear was hoping that wouldn't be asked for as I know the search engines could pick it up. Do you mind me sending it in a PM to you? Or do you think it's safe on here?
  11. Hi peeps, here we go again. Every year there seems to be something, even though been trying to keep my head down low! So I need some advice. Last year (1 year 7 months ago) I purchased a domain for a potential get back "into work business", I purchased the domain name based on personal experience and the service provided. I checked IP search and at the time there was "no trademark" nor application for one. I had no trouble securing the domain I wanted. Upon developing the website I noticed another website with a similar plural version of my domain name although a different TLD
  12. How did this turn out Lababy? Did they back down? Would be very interested to know outcome.
  13. Well there's hope for all who hit a pothole and claim for damages. After a series of letters back and forth to the claims manager, who wouldn't budge on how much they were going to offer me...which was for the tyre and wheel only. I contacted my local councillor who was very supportive and my MP who wrote to the Chief Executive backing up my claim that If I hadn't hit the pothole I wouldn't have damaged my car. Today, I got a letter offering me the full amount I claimed for! Victory! :whoo:Of course I have to now sign that they are not liable, but hey...that's fair. So, don't
  14. Is it reasonable to expect damage to your car or be inconvenienced for months, when you pay road tax? (the irony, is I paid the road tax online just 30mins before it happened) Not to mention the anxiety once you have fixed the tyre, that every hole in the road is going to do the same again. Or better still nobody should claim against pothole damage, after all you take liability knowing, some where at some point, there is a pothole and you make that decision knowing this, so it should in theory void any claims. Is it reasonable that a pothole has to be reported by the public before i
  15. Thanks for the further responses, however I still believe if I had not hit that pothole I wouldn't have damaged my car, it was pitch dark, wet and muddy and long way from any houses to see if some nice gentlemen would help. Furthermore, I didn't have the money to replace the spare tyre let alone call a garage, but even if I did how much would that cost, or even if they would on New Years eve evening, it would be a fortune. As for compensation, yes I could add that kind and hope my time be reimbursed, but I am just asking for exactly what it will cost to get my car which is only 3
  16. Thank you all for your advice, my thought pattern was exactly what Surfer01 wrote. IMO, by offering initially, they ARE accepting liability, however, like all insurance companies, they see if the person will back down. It's the terminology they used that got me. Now just have to compose the rejection response. Be glad of any tips or matters I should raise within in it, like what lelu19uk raised such as "compensation" as I hadn't even thought of that. I only want to be reimbursed for the cost of fixing the car back to before hitting the pothole, but as the time goes on
  17. Hi, Hit a water covered pot hole on New years eve, it was in a country lane I was not familiar with, pitch black and raining heavily. Tyre blew, wheel dented, and upon trying to change it in the pitch darkness as nobody would stop to help me (I am woman by the way), couple of men stopped only to ask if i had a phone assuming I had break down cover, I didn't and the last time I changed a tyre was 20 years ago! As a result, put the jack slightly wrong place, because couldn't see the markers, cill crumpled and paint chipped. I have a mobility problems and on benefits, so couldn't afford to have
  18. Thanks Estteyln for your feed back. Been to council and they reiterated that because I am not on the higher component regardless of being on appeal I have to pay. If I win the appeal it will be refunded. Doesn't help me and thousands of others...Indeed it is a horrid situation especially as we had only two weeks notice! Disgraceful! As for the mention of my son, the bloke at the council didn't note down what he told me about him on my records, so there is no record of it and the benefits officer told me there was no issue with my son and didn't know where he got that info from. Now is th
  19. Hi Peeps, Hope someone can help me and give me some sound answers. In first week of February 13, I received a letter telling me my ESA had been stopped due to failing an ATOS medical (second one in two years) back in the first week October 12. I was told I could appeal, which I did immediately, and had to wait for nearly a month with no money. Few weeks later after the mad dash to get the docs certificate and appeal in(GL24) so as not to lose out on my possibly now reduced benefit. I had got the docs they wanted in but it took well over a week to get on their system. Meanwhile, no mone
  20. Sorry didn't see that there was a reply. Yes, a landlord is allowed to ask for an increase in rent, haven't suggested they can't, however, an increase of £100 per month is rather high, and I can't see how he can enforce it when I don't have a tenancy agreement with him, which normally would state something like that. I am not getting full housing benefit because 1. Two people live in 3 bed. 2. because my son has a low paid job. Also, found out that in Nov 2011 all on housing list had to re-register...I didn't get this notification. Have re-registered now. But still waiting for
  21. Received a letter from landlord via agents yesterday, with the following: Background: 6 years ago on 18th Feb, my then husband, myself along with my son, rented this private property. My ex husband was the named tenancy holder (wouldn't pay extra to have my name put on), myself and son were addendum and allowed to dwell. The rent was £750 because the landlord was building next door. 3 months later it went up to £800 4 years ago, my marriage ended, husband moved out leaving me with debt including 2 months rent. After getting benefits to help me stay at property and arrears
  22. Thanks for all the advice and apologies for repeating what someone else said re "work ready" sorry didn't see the post you made. I have managed to put together a letter bit long winded but hey, there were a few points! Just wondering who to sent to in regards to DWP or my local Job centre as on my benefit details or are they the same. Should I send to copy to Kennedy Scott at their main address or where I attend? Sorry for all these questions
  23. Oh God...this is all starting to feel like torture
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