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  1. From what it sounds like you want to pay your debt. I would talk direct or deal with free DMC companies - You mentioned that you got a statement from GP. This is NOT a statement from your creditors and may not reflect the true balance with them - Also put yourself in GP shoes. They make money while you are in arrears - their advise is not going to help because if they get you out of arrears qucikly they loose money - As for everyone elses advise I find it appalling. Sure there are ways to get OUT OF DEBT but it doesnt make it honest or right! The same people giving this advice would frown upon someone my age walking into a shop and stealing a tv. Which is effectively what you would be doing by taking their hipocritical advice. Not only that but for every person that gets out of paying debt or gets refunded bank charges - the new customers taking loans get higher interest to cover the loss so your conning your friends and family !
  2. Can I ask you all a question with pure fact as the answer no hatred just facts? Did you borrow the money? Was it spent? If yes why not do the honest thing and pay back - Ok there are ways to work the system as detailed in all the above threads. However there are ways of getting of for a lot of things with loopholes does this make it correct? I bet you don't agree with the MP's expendature scandal yet they used loop holes ! Do you realize that the people you are ripping of is NOT the banks but rather your family/friends and also yourself. Who do you think pays the money that you don't? Put another way if you watch the debt collectors programs it clearly states that those people who miss council tax payments are responsible for x amount of extra council tax by everyone else to make the money back? The more people who default on payments the higher the interest next year for new customers - Whilst Im not saying the banks are honest I'm simply saying two wrongs don't make a right ! you wouldn't walk into a shop and pick a t.v up and walk out - In fact you would all probably frown upon that person ! Thanks for your time!
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