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  1. What do you mean by "sign up"? You don't have to sign anything! I refused to sign all documents = just initialled the WP signing in book and fare receipts everything else I was asked to sign I just refused. If correctly mandated then it would be wise to attend whatever this "course" is, unless you are prepared to fight or take the ensuing sanction attempt.
  2. Ingeus Deloitte sold to US company http://watchinga4e.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/ingeus-sold-and-wp-extended.html Apparently the only way that profits can be increased is to cut costs further. Who'd have thought it!
  3. That figures. If I remember rightly (and I usually do) the minimum promise given by the bidders for the WP contracts was to see people once a month (at least). No doubt this has been ignored by many with no comeback in terms of penalties.
  4. Guardian journalist Shiv Malik has posted a tweet asking for contacts from people who have had their benefits "sanctioned unjustly in the last few months". He can be contacted at [email protected] Journalists protect their sources, so don't be afraid that you could be targeted if you contact him
  5. @ think about it Whilst I understand what you say and have some sympathy with it (especially the CAB) to say "offering positions to those in the Work Programme" is a little ingenuous when the "offer" is one that cannot be refused by the victims. To my way of thinking many charities have blighted their reputations by becoming involved with Workfare If you choose to sleep with mangy dogs then you are likely to get fleas!
  6. Returned to charity shop. Boots still there with no price tag. I decided to buy and was quoted £4 (so saved £2.50). Made my day so lashed out another £4 on a jumper! I really must learn to haggle.
  7. Slightly off topic but the mention of Charity shops has prompted me to post this. My local High Street has more charity shops than any other sort of shop, there are at least 8 within a 150 yard stretch of street. Some of these are not the down at heel old fashioned type of shop but are well appointed and well lit and reasonably well stocked. I regularly do a tour of the shops to see what bargains can be had. I have noticed that increasingly these shops are being run on a professional basis (notwithstanding the use of voluntary, or involuntary, labour). Unfortunately this means that the prices they want to charge are becoming well outside of the traditional charity shop range. For example, yesterday I spotted a pair of suede chukka boots, slightly worn, no laces, but in my size. I was tempted but there was no price on the item. I enquired as to the price and after giving the item (and me) the once over I was told £6.50. I had mentally set a limit of £5 so, much to the assistant's surprise, I declined to buy. These charities have become very money orientated with their CEOs drawing very, very generous salaries. Increasing commercial activity and the use of "chugging" agencies and forced workfare are just three unwelcome symptoms. I am very sceptical about some charities and try to boycott those with a workfare taint. I may however revisit the shop with the boots to see if they come down in price!
  8. Quite so. I signed off and just put "change of circumstances" on their form. No questions asked. The Job Centre don't know if I'm working so they can't tell the WP.
  9. Re Universal Jobsnatch - don't forget to automate it http://automation.strikenow.org.uk/
  10. Fed up with Universal Jobmatch? There's an app for that: http://universalautomation.tumblr.com/ demo here:
  11. Get a receipt for your taxi fare (is it possible to get a return fare?). The provider is obliged to refund you the cost of travel (by public transport). Other than that I would be inclined to tell them that I had dropped the idea of self employment but continue to pursue your idea under your own steam. It seems unlikely that they would add anything to your enterprise so why let them profit from it? I would do the "trial" on the QT too and, in the unlikely event of being challenged by anyone about I, explain it as a hobby.
  12. I see elsewhere that you managed to get the seetec attempt to sanction you overturned. Well done! Of course 2 things occur to me: 1. It should not necessary for individuals to have to fight sand contest unfair sanction attempts in the numbers that are now occurring. 2. If you are unfortunate enough to collect a sanction doubt (muggins' turn) do not just accept it. Fight it all the way. Know your rights ... and use them.
  13. @ BomBomBom Ignore them. They're just trying to get the info so that they can try to get blood money.
  14. Hi Osdset Have read the details elsewhere. You have a very good case. Don't give up. Good Luck to you (not that you should need it).
  15. "Why can't they just bloody leave me alone!" Because they want this info in order to claim their outcome payment (blood money),
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