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  1. My HD box has been just showing the blue ring and not turning on sometimes and as I have had it for about 2 years I was wondering if I can cancel and then get it re-installed? I was thinking of just telling them the truth and say I was looking into Virgin Media as they have HD and are cheaper (which I am considering) and see what they say, I had numerous problems with Sky in the beginning (installers not turning up, no HD box in the van, offered a refurbed HD box!!!) But as it was all sorted in the end I just left it, Will all my complaints be on my account and would that sob story of mis
  2. With two of the credit cards I was disputing and about 12 - 14 months ago. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestion's of what to do, what todo.
  3. Thanks for the reply Alison82, I will contact them today but as I'm a pessimist I doubt I will get anything back or get done what I paid them to do. What seems to be to good to be true usually is I guess, You live and you learn.
  4. Does anyone know if they are about as I parted with a lot of cash for them to sort out some credit cards and none of there phone numbers work anymore, The number I had was 01613085601 and now that number is unlisted, They got a friends bank charges back and were supposed to be dealing with mine as well as two credit cards which I feel they roped me into and now I cant get in touch with them :mad::mad::mad: Have I been ripped off ?
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