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  1. if you have a laptop you should buy this piece of software called Fordiag. link:-http://www.talkford.com/topic/198261-fordiag-current-status/ a lot of people recommend this software for diagnosing your car, have a good read of the thread, i have just ordered one myself, the guy who made it is called tomas and knows his stuff. i am not sure what age of car it covers ( newer models) it costs about 92.00 all together but the software covers a wide range of diagnostics and error codes and a lot cheaper than taking it to a ford garage. it is something for you to think about and you can use it time and time again.
  2. yes thats the page, it's hard to remember as it was a while ago, it was a phone contract , they paid out after 8-9 months, it did track if i remember rightly , never used them again, im pretty sure my wife spoke on the phone to them, i will ask tomorrow for you.
  3. keep at them, it can take bloody ages to get your money through, took us a while, ring them if possible.
  4. http://community.ebay.co.uk/question/Selling-Ebay/Moblie-Phone-Help/18000452506 here you are.
  5. ive posted this on the ebay forum for you, hopefully they will give you some answers and put your mind at rest.
  6. Respond to him asking to return the phone special delivery or recorded delivery if he says no I want my money first, tell him to get lost, ebay will TELL him to return the phone as will paypal. until he opens a dispute through ebay or paypal he has no chance, it is not necessarily always in the buyers favour, sellers do win. though rarely. you need to stop worrying until he opens a dispute, and i don't think he will, anybody thats asks for their money back before they return a item is trying it on. if you refunded them on that basis what do you think your chances are of getting the phone back? NONE! they are using scare tatics , don't be taken in by it. please. are you new on ebay?
  7. i can tell you now if he has not opened a dispute with ebay or paypal the chances are he is trying to pull a fast one, never ever issue a refund until you have the phone back. ebay and paypal will tell him to return the phone recorded delivery, thats a fact, they will tell him to return it, they won't just take money out of your account until it is proven that it has been returned signed for. if he has not opened a dispute ignore him tilll either ebay or paypal contact you. ask on the ebay forum, they will tell you the same.
  8. are they not meant to send the phone back to you recorded delivery before they issue a refund, have they opened a dispute with ebay or paypal regarding the phone. i always mark my stuff i sell with a uv pen and take records of serial numbers and anything that can refute them sending back a different item.
  9. just had this done today on my mondeo, back bumper scratched and small dent, and the car on the other side rear wheel arch completely fooked up. good on you for being honest, although you may not find it that way, and they drove off too.(b*****ds)
  10. there are truly some vicious people out there, von-pixo , mryde34, i wish you all the best, good luck
  11. there use to be a time in this country where people use to fight for what they believed in, thatchers downfall was the poll tax and the riots it created, i lived through this era and have never forgot the misery this government caused the working classes , but this one wants to stamp all over anybody they perceive to be lower than them with their jackboots, labour is not perfect and there is some things i don't agree with, but the conservatives are about money and privatization and lining their pockets, they do not give a damn about the ordinary person. they are causing thousands to lose their jobs, and then telling them to find a job when none exist, and treat them like scroungers, your NHS is about to be privatized , and it will, god help anyone who is poorly and has not got the means to pay, mark my words things are going to get much much worse, nobody except the rich will be left untouched by what this government is doing. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2110900/Suicide-training-Job-Centres-Cancer-patients-scrubbing-floors-Welcome-Cameron-s-Brave-New-World.html
  12. the arrogance of this coalition government surpasses any before them including thatchers , what they are doing to peoples lives would have gone down well in nazi Germany. the lib dems are an utter disgrace for joining hands with the conservatives , i hope they enjoy their time in power because after this, as a party they are finished, the sheer lies this government has told is beyond belief , they should all be[Removed inflammatory content], what they are doing to the NHS is awful, soup kitchens, people committing suicide, it's an out right attack on our basic human rights to a decent quality life, i hope people don't forget come the next election and get this government out.
  13. im sorry for your loss, it never ceases to amaze me how cruel some people can be in this country. i and a lot of others could relate to not having the emotional energy to fight your corner on this. i would send a letter recorded delivery explaining everything that happened and the circumstances surrounding it, and again ask them to verify it with the hospital, be polite and ask them to waive it. As a last resort you could involve your local paper and shame them into it. whatever you decide you have my condolences.
  14. maybe you could do something under harassment and discrimination (bullying) have a look on the CAB ADVICE GUIDE. basic rights at work. i cannot say you can do something, this site should give you some idea. http://www.adviceguide.org.uk
  15. Thats a very underhand tactic by the insurance company, do you still have the letter stating that they are reducing your DD without any reason. Are you being prosecuted for driving without insurance, because if you are I would gather all the evidence you can and ask swinton to provide actual proof that they sent you letters stating they were cancelling your insurance. this has happened to me and my wife but luckily we never got stopped, and they never sent us confirmation that they were canceling it, and we did not know until we came to renew our car insurance, because for the first time in ages we actually paid it all in one go, and we had no reason to believe we were not insured, i went mad at them, so i would fight this all the way if i was you, see a solicitor if need be.
  16. with all the bad garages out there, and there are many, i just had to let people know about this one ABC Carservices Leeds LS13 4LY this is simply the best i have been too, it's a small run garage and the owner and mechanics are polish, and they are a breath of fresh air! i had problems in the past with my wheel alignment with other garages taking your money and not giving a dam and once had 2 new tyres worn out within 3 months after 4 wheel alignment. when i took it here , the guy spent over 2 hours on it, and test drove it twice, he does not let you leave until he is happy with it and the settings are spot on, other garages should hang their heads in shame, they are very friendly and treat you and your car with respect, im going back on friday to get some more work done on my car and will not take my car anywhere else now. so if you live near here try them , i would even recommend travelling to them for your car needs, i watched these guys at work, and they are perfectionists , the polish are excellent.
  17. tried checking the pipe as you stated but it's fully enclosed at the back, went to comet and asked them to replace for a different model, at first they said no, you have to wait for the engineer to come out, but once i stated that they are actually entitled to a full refund, they changed their mind, so hopefully the new model will be delivered soon, none in stock, so hopefully it works out to my wife's grandparents liking. Thank you for the reply , it was much appreciated.
  18. my wife's grandparents who are both in their 90's purchased a fridge freezer from comet in early december which turned out to be faulty, an engineer came to inspect it and condemned it, a replacement was sent and installed , now this one is turning out to be a pain, they are finding that it is producing ice in the fridge compartment , even the salad bin has ice in it, and it's meant to be frost free, they are having to use gloves to put their hands in it and get stuff out, and it is on it's lowest setting. they are very unhappy with it now and want to reject it and get a refund, they are sending an engineer out on tuesday to inspect it, but now want to return it and ask for a full refund from comet , are they within their rights to do this under the sale of goods act.? thanks.
  19. hi thanks for the reply, he had his skin sample yesterday, he has had a reaction to something, but without further tests they cannot determine what, he did not see the vet who was dealing with him, that will be on 3.8.10, im confident he will state that fact, he has been given an antibiotic injection for the swelling , a 7 day course of piriton, and advocate parasite drops and anti bacterial and fungas shampoo which i have to bath his feet twice a day in, they are hoping and confident this is a one off now that he has been removed from that enviroment, their words in fact, he is already showing great signs of improvement, he has already stopped biting and licking his legs, and starting to be his usual self, it was very upsetting to come back from holiday and find him like this and you feel so guilty knowing we left him there, the lady in question is claiming on her insurance when i send all invoices and documents from the vet regarding this, i received a reply from nards which is laughable, literally "its nothing to do with us" we are not an association, figure that out !! but they use the word in their title, i would not recommend using this for dog sitters judging by my experience, although i do know there will be good people on it, but nards offer no help when a problem arises , thanks for your time , i will keep you up to date on this if i get my costs back or i go to court !
  20. MegaCraggy


    hi , does anybody know anything about this organisation, i used one of their dog sitters to look after our 16 week old white westie while we were on holiday, and he has come back in a terrible condition, his legs and feet are red raw and near the top of his bottom , his feet/pads are swollen and im so angry at what she has done. he is in the vets now having a skin sample taken to find out the cause of it. i know westies can suffer from skin problems but he was in great health before we took him there, and he had been checked by our vet prior to this. the thing is she is denying even seeing the state of his legs like they are , the photo's i have taken show the extent of his legs and feet, my wife went to pick him up, and has now told me she was stood at the top of her drive with kasper in her arms cuddling him and passed him to her the same why, we did not arrive back in britain till 4.00am and spent over 8 hours in the airport , so she did not click on about it, but as soon has she came through the door i noticed his legs and took him straight to the vets, she states she has insurance and i want all costs recovered, but i am really thinking about taking legal action because it is so bad, could i report her to anyone for animal cruelty ? **details removed** any comments or advice would be appreciated and thanks for reading
  21. find out what they have done on the car, what parts have been replaced, how much the parts cost , what labour charges are, and write it down, then i suggest you try ring round some other garages who specialise in the work they have done and get some rough quotes from them and ask them how long it would take to do the work. then compare the prices to theirs. as for the brakes issue i would tell them straight away not to do any more work on the car because you could end up with a bigger bill. and i would refuse to pay if they try charging you anything for that, the car was in their care, and as you stated it passed it's mot 4 days before they got it, the garage has a duty of care while it is in their possession. dispute the amount , don't just pay, have a read off this, Trading Standards ask to see all the parts they replaced and keep them, im working on my own case at the moment so others might be able to advice you own this matter, also look under the supply of goods and services act, contact your local trading standards, they might have heard of the garage, start garthering evidence, keeping records, phone calls etc, sorry i can't be of much help at the moment.
  22. glad to hear it, keep it for a long time, i got a letter from the P.O. CAR INSURANCE, saying i still owed 28.99 on it, from :.........16 months ago , i couldn't prove it, so had to pay , so anything can come back and bite you on the bum!
  23. you will have to pay the garage for the new parts fitted if everything gets resolved , it will also depend on what you agreed with the garage when you asked them to look at it. if none of it has been resolved you will still have to pay for all parts they have fitted and take it to another garage to fix, they would be within their rights to keep your car until they get payment, if you pay , write clearly on the invoice "paid under protest", not just yours but also their copy too. this will be a record that you were unhappy with garage. did they not inform you and ask you for your Authorization when replacing these parts ? test drive the car before payment, as you state you are still unsure that the vibration is still there, have they informed you what parts that they replaced cured this? As for the matter regarding the abs/dsc you might have some redress there about paying, because it seems this problem manifested when they were trying to cure the other problem , i would argue your case on this, and another thing you should ask for either way , is for all the old parts back.
  24. you certainly do not have to apologize, i can see how my post could have looked like it was questioning you, and that was not my intention, i do enjoy reading your posts because it is apparent that you are a very Knowledgeable and articulate person. i see the point you are now making regarding the Manufacturer, whereas i did not before. i certainly hope he can get some redress from them and avoid the expense and time of taking the matter to court. as you stated the law is defined differently for consumers and business/commercial. court cases can be a nerve wracking experience , and my case revolved around a firm of solicitors who were Incompetent regarding a legal matter that they were handling for me, and i had to take them to court to prove that they had been, and what i learned that day is , it was not how i came across but that i proved my case, i spent many days and nights pouring over documents and legal letters, and with sheer determination anything is possible, and sometimes you think "am i doing the right thing" but you have to be strong and believe in yourself, and in this day and age too many people get ripped off and conned and i find it unjust, people like james and thousands of others pay out so much money on items, and then have a mountain to climb trying to get any redress back. so i am hoping that he succeeds on this matter and gets some redress from the manufacturer and if not , then he must consider his options of going to court.
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