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  1. Hi dx It is just my master card debit card. I don't have a credit card at the moment.
  2. Hi lovely people, I haven't been on this site for ages but I remember last time I had a problem I found it invaluable. Right, this is a long and complicated juicy nightmare ebay problem which I refuse to back down from. To start with, I bought a perfume from ebay - all looked fine on the description, seller had good feedback so I went ahead and bid. On receipt of the perfume I noticed it was a blatant fake and contacted the seller straight away. She seemed friendly and said it was a gift and had not realised it was a counterfeit as it was sealed. We arranged for me to send it back to her and she gave me her address and said that she had already refunded me. I know from experience that sometimes refunds take a few days to clear and I went ahead and sent it back. First mistake, I know, and second mistake - I sent it back just as normal 2nd class, with no tracking. I have never sent anything back before on ebay to a seller and was not aware of their tracking policy. I then realised that I had been conned as I never received the refund. The seller didn't contact me regardless of the messages I sent her off to ring up ebay customer services. Rang them and they said that I had to open a case against her but because I didn't have a tracking number they could not confirm if she had received the item back or not so could not refund me. I had to wait a few days whilst they tried to make contact. Obviously the seller did not respond to their messages every time I rang them about it they kept churning out the no tracking number spiel, so no refund. In the end they closed the case saying that they could not verify delivery. In the meantime I noticed that the seller had received another negative feedback regarding selling a counterfeit perfume. I appealed the case and highlighted this fact but again the same response from ebay. They suggested I tried to contact royal mail and try and get compensation. I reluctantly started a process with Royal stating that it might be lost in the post, hoping that maybe they could track it down. On Friday this week to my utter surprise I received the 'perfume' back. On the label that the post office stuck on 'item never called for' was ticked before it was returned to sender. I was really happy and optimistically thought that I could now get this sorted. I contacted ebay customer support stating that I would like the case reopened as I now have the perfume back and could they please advise me what to do next. In response they said: "In this case, we cannot verify the item was held at the post office or was returned to the sender as we have not received a valid tracking number so we have closed this case without issuing you a refund. Please understand that we’re also unable to grant an appeal on this case." ??? Not sure if I am being thick but I have the parcel back with the stickers on etc, I can verify the situation. I even took photos of the package and uploaded them to my one drive with a link that I pasted into the reply as there did not seem to be a way of attaching images. I said to them that this is the evidence that proves that the item was held at the post office. I went on further to ask them directly if I should send it back to the seller as track and trace this time so that they could keep tabs on it being returned. I didn't want to do anything with out their confirmation. This was their reply: "In this case, as you did not supply valid tracking showing the item had been delivered back to the seller, we closed the case without issuing you with a refund. For this same reason, we’re not able to approve your appeal." BUT I HAVE THE PERFUME BACK!!!! Arrghhh. This surely cannot be fair. It is not worth ringing them again as I get so frustrated and I will probably end up crying! Can anyone please advise me what I should do? I am thinking of writing to the ebay head office (I have their address) and even sending them the perfume as I don't want the thing. Someone even mentioned contacting the perfume company (in this case PRADA) stating that ebay have allowed this to happen and that the seller of the counterfeit product has made money from the transaction and has got off scott free. Another reason why this has upset me so much is that this was supposed to be a birthday present from my family who have saved up to give me the money and I feel like I need take this further. Many thanks in advance for your help and for reading my plight. I know I made some blatant mistakes but I now feel like I am in the right but ebay have washed their hand of me.
  3. Hi folks, Just came across this thread whilst doing a google search for "La redoute admin fees", and hopefully I can get some advice. Again, it's only for a small amount of money but I am fed up being charged for no reason! Basically, I wanted to pay my account off last week online so I followed all the instructions but my card didn't work - I have a new mastercard/debit card which I have only recently activitivated and it has less numbers on the card number section, I think this confuses some websites. Anyway, I thought I would try my old debit card as it should still have a week or so on it and if it doesn't work it would just be rejected right??? So I filled in the details and everything seem to work alright, but I didn't get an acknowledgement email and my account balance still looked the same at £17.99. I tried it again and the same thing happened so I contacted them inorder to confirm if the payment had gone through or not. No reply. The next day I thought reluctantly that I would use my credit card to pay it off instead (which I am trying to cut down on using), however when I checked my account online it had gone up to £29.99. This really confused me as I hadn't made an additional order or anything. I emailed them, again asking about the previous payments that hadn't gone through and the extra £12 added to the account and this was the reply: "Thank you for your email. We are sorry that your recent payments of £17.00 were not successful and would ask that you contact your card issuer regarding this matter. A letter has been sent to confirm this." The only way I found out it was admin fees was looking on my account at the next statement that I will be getting at the end of Jan and saw: "ADJUSTMENTS 06/01/2010 CARD NOT HONOURED administration charge £12.00"Surely this isn't fair! If one of my cards haven't worked before when I pay for something online I usually get a straight response saying card amount invalid etc, I have never been charged before!!! I know it is for only £12 but it is not the point, I can't afford to give money away. Hopefully I can get some advice please? I realise this is an old thread but hopefully some one might have some useful info. Cheers, Kim
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