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  1. Conservative MP for Kettering Philip Hollobone proposed the National Service Bill and there is an e-petition against the Bill. I have started an e-petition in support of the Bill, because I believe that it could be a saviour for Britain,as it would provide a solution to Youth Unemployment, instill a respect for authority that has been lost, teach youngsters discipline and give them a work ethic by providing a structure to their daily life and it would also give many a direction for a trade after their service. If the National Service was compulsory then it would also discourage those wishing to migrate to Britain as a soft option, thus reducing costs to the Benefits System, the National Health Service and the Education System and also increase the Social Housing stock. Having done their Nation Service the youngsters should return back into civilian life with discipline, respect and a work ethic, so this should also help to prepare them for a working life and also help reduce crime. If you wish to sign the e-petition in support of the National Service Bill please go to this link :: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/54710 I would also appreciate it if you could post the link in any other forums or social media sites that you visit. Thank you very much for your help. If you wish to read the National Service Bill in full then it can be found here :: http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/bills/cbill/2013-2014/0032/cbill_2013-20140032_en_2.htm#l1g1
  2. HomerRamone, you are partially right in that your debt has become "Statute Barred" but in realtion to DWP debts, this only means that it bars them from taking court action to recover the overpayment. However, they can still ask for it back (nicely) and deduct it from any benefits that you might now receive, but they can't take you to court for it. If you agree that it was a debt that you still owe perhaps a letter to DWP explaining that you cannot afford £201 but you are willing to pay up the debt in small installments that you can afford, could possibly be a solution.
  3. The original statement about the Deferrals did say that things could change at any time, so it is just a case of accepting that any extra time received has been a bonus of stress free time and try and stay stress free until as and when you receive a new ESA50
  4. So your appeal is awaiting a Tribunal date, well please don't hold your breathe as I had to wait almost 2 years from the start of my Tribunal appeal until I attended the Tribunal hearing. I would suggest that you get yourself an Advocate, who should help you gather all the proof you require and help you with any communications in the mean time. An Advocate usually knows all the "buzz" words to use and also how to word all the salient points in a way that stops DWP twisting what you have said. As and when the Tribunal hearing occurs an Advocate can be invaluable in stressing points for you or to step in should you become over anxious or stressed. Irrespective of how long you wait for your Tribunal hearing, should your appeal be successful then all unpaid benefits from the date you started your appeal will be backdated and paid to you. Unless you have opted to accept a short notice cancellation date then I'm afraid you will have a considerable wait, other that that Good Luck with your appeal.
  5. The Phohibition Notice states "(e) temporarily suspend bus lanes/stops, cycle lanes or parking bays where this is considered necessary to facilitate the work in progress;" So "Temporarily Suspend" and "To Facilitate the Work in Progress" ......................... Not "For the Duration of the Works" This to me would suggest only Temporary Suspensions when Actual Work in Progress was occuring in that particular road. And I believe that clarity of details has to be attained, so as not to enable confusion of the restrictions otherwise the restrictions are not enforceable. (Although at the moment I cannot remember exactly where I read that to post the actual wording).
  6. As Michael Browne says there is no statutory requirements about the Make or Model so no grounds there. I note from your picture the offence is parking with one or more wheels on the pavement, because at first I thought the offence was the Yellow Line and I was going to say that there was not a termination bar on the Yellow Line, but that is not the offence. Apart from London, where it is illegal to park on the pavement, the rules vary from town to town so that could be an avenue to investigate and it is on occasssion possible to claim that it common practice to park partially on the pavement in some areas but that as I say is only an occassional thing. Personally I do not like people parking on the pavement because I have experienced the problems it causes to people in wheelchairs, but that is just me. Good luck with your search.
  7. Ploddertom, I can't do that as the thread has been closed, still the last comments made on there just about sum up certain peoples attitude to helping. Anyhow, never mind that as the important thing is the OP Mitchen ! Have you managed to access the video of the alleged offence yet ? And can you confirm exactly what type of Box Junction it was ? Also, Do you know exactly what paperwork you have received in relation to the PCN ?
  8. Just to address what you have said above, these statements are from my PCN thread (November/December 2013) that a mentioned previously :: "be better just to pay the small fine and take it on the chin!" "Its really up to the op what he does,me personally,I would give them their £30 and get on with the rest of my life!" The quote above you actually used twice in the thread, you should be able to find these quotes easy enough to confirm them because you also stated that :: "Go ahead and have your day in court rds,you can refer back here for the names/IDs of the folk who told you that you were safe,get a court order for there true identitys,I got all these pages saved to file if you need them for evidence,dont worry if this thread is deleted,lol" And that's the other thing, what is this fixation that you have with courts when these PCNs are a Civilmatter Not a Criminal matter ? This quote from Sailor Sam on the samethread confirms that and also perhaps the fact that it is actuallyyou that is the bully and not me ! "Not sure why you keep rambling on about court as there is no court process involved. Mind you, i'm not sure why you are rambling on at all because your contribution to the thread is a big fat zero." Anyhow, never mind this as the important thing is the OP Mitchen ! Have you managed to access the video of the alleged offence yet ? And can you confirm exactly what type of Box Junction it was ? Also, Do you know exactly what paperwork you have received in relation to the PCN ?
  9. Strange !! You continued with your "Pay up" arguements in reference to my wife's PCN even though several people advised you that you were completely wrong ! and you continued to say OK we will see who is right and dismiss the majority advice and didn't even mange to admit you were wrong when the PCN was over turned. I has also noticed the same behaviour in other PCN threads, as I said they are meant to advise and help, not hinder.
  10. If your area assessments are carried out by ATOS then you will not have to have a re-assessment until the "new" assessment contractors are in place and up to speed, so it should be in the region of 2 years but that is open to change at any point in the future.
  11. Thank you for your reply Rebel11; I must admit I have never considered the formal complaint route, so I now have a new avenue to progress things. Much appreciated. By the way my intention was not to reject what you were saying as that has in some points been the outcome, I just intended to inform that it might not always go that way.
  12. Sometimes !! I have had on-going problems with them and it has got to the point that sometimes I reply others I don't. Because I have had queries sent to me from over 15 different office addresses, supposedly about the same problem but with different amounts and in one case telling me that part of the problem was that I had not completed part of a form properly and that particular part of the form was only for Clergymen, which I am definitely not. I'm afraid that in some cases the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing and they do not appear to have any inter-office communication.
  13. I made the original remark that has citizenkain react and I made the remark because he regularly dismisses people's requests by telling them they have done wrong and to pay up. I had him repeatedly argueing over a PCN that my wife received and giving this type of irritating reply of "you're in the wrong" and "pay up" even when it is pointed out to him that he is blatently wrong !!..........................by the way my wife had her PCN revoked. In this case he is saying that you cannot enter a Box Junction unless your exit is clear, which is not the case with all Box Junctions, plus the fact that the OP has stated that he did not become stationary, which has to be the case for a PCN to be issued with any Box Junctions Traffic Offences. So, as is often the case in numerous of his replies to motoring offences it is not a case of the OP being in the wrong and therefore should not just pay up !! The intention of forum threads like this are to help and advise, NOT to critise. If he does not wish to help why does he reply !
  14. This just about sums up Box Junction Rules "You MUST NOT enter the box until your exit road or lane is clear. HOWEVER, you may enter the box and wait when you want to turn right, and are only stopped from doing so by oncoming traffic, or by other vehicles waiting to turn right. At signalled roundabouts you MUST NOT enter the box unless you can cross over it completely without stopping." The one other proviso is about "stopping" and stopping is only considered as coming to a complete halt......."Stationary" As you say that you were creeping, I would definitely request the video and see if it clearly shows you as "Stationary" !! if not, then no offence has been committed.
  15. Mitchen, is this Box Junction controlled by Traffic Lights ? or is it a Road Sign and Road markings junction ? because there are different rules that apply to Box Junctions, dependent upon which type it is.
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