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  1. Hope someone can help me! I ordered a ring from Nuttalls early November - contacted straightaway to say there would be a couple of weeks delay but should be sent to us early dec, reason given was acceptable so we said fine we would wait. Did not arrive so chased them and were told it would be sent just before Xmas. Did not arrive and chased them on the phone to no avail. Spoke to them early Jan when they finally came back to us and said it had gone for polishing and would be with us mid Feb at the latest. Needless to say it did not arrive and we received an email stating they had confirmation from the manufacturer that it would be with us within 2-4 weeks of 17th Feb. It has not arrived, have chased them twice this week and got no answers. I do not believe they have even started to make the ring! My issue is I either want this ring ASAP or want them to refund the money they took in early Nov (via paypal). You are only allowed 45 days to contest it through paypal (which was upto the promised delivery date of pre Xmas). What can I do??? T&C's for handmade ring below: Handmade or Special Upgrade Items Our mostly unique and handmade to order, 18ct and diamond upgrade items, are only prepared to your exact specifications upon purchase, and although covered by our extensive warranty structure, as per our terms and conditions are non-returnable, unless faulty or not as per item description. However, we will usually offer an exchange opportunity in most circumstances where necessary. In the unfortunate event of ordering the wrong size, we will usually re-size for no extra cost. These special items are prepared by the very best jewellers to the very highest standard, most often here in the UK and are guaranteed to provide long lasting pleasure. For your peace of mind most of these items are supplied with an independent valuation appraisal certificate that provides authenticity of the product and the genuine savings gained compared to other retail outlets. Our '100% Satisfaction Guarantee' and 'terms and conditions' in no way affect your statutory rights. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details on this item if necessary. We are always happy to help.
  2. As the reference on the paper started HMCS I would suggest this relates to a Magistrates Court fine (which excel do collect) rather than Council Parking ticket - Are you sure this is right????
  3. Sorry! To see whether my training will be funded or not - and it will :D
  4. I was in this situation and HMRC came after me - took me 2 years on a negative tax code to pay the tax I had 'missed' during the period of having the vehicle. HMRC's opinions was that the onus is on the employee to declare they have this benefit in kind, not on the employer as the employer is not responsible for paying the tax for this. You seem to be lucky in 'getting away with it' with your previous employer - I doubt very much it's going to work for this employer as they seem to have picked up on the correct terms. This is a benefit to you not to your company therefore YOU must bear the costs of any associated tax.
  5. Waiting waiting waiting !!! Why oh why was I born without patience ??
  6. Try doing some gentle neck exercises - I had this problem after whiplash and it was a damaged nerve in my neck of all places!
  7. You are classed as Vulnerable due to being disabled. Google the national standards for enforcement agents (if you cannot fomd them on here) and email them to Marsdon's along with details of your disability regsitration - also send this to the applicable court (call the court if you can too)
  8. No they are invalid as he has 'levied' on the same items 3 times! Maybe 1 could be valid but unsure
  9. Then they have already levied on your vehicle as this is a NOTICE of SEIZURE. You need to act on this urgently as they state 5 days on the notice - i'm assuming this means if you do not pay in 5 days they will seize the car and you will incur further costs for removal and storage. Is the car subject to Finance or HP? Have you contacted TEC?
  10. I think you would be better posting this in the legal forum - I have asked the MODS to move it for you.
  11. As you state yourself you CANNOT use the vouchers to book a single ticket calais to folkestone - therefore you have bought a return ticket
  12. I ordered 'cranium' as a present for a french friend from amazon.fr - sent by The Book Depository UK. Now I thought this 'may' come in French but was most likely to be English as it was coming from the UK. It's in GERMAN!! What can I do about this? Have emailed the seller asking for an immediate replacement in either English or French but do they have to honour this? Update - they have responded saying it was an amazon cataloguing error - cannot replace but will refund and not to bother returning
  13. My nana (79) has hers with the AA and she recently spent over a month abroad - may be worth giving them a call
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