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  1. hello , i am in a bit of a dispute with currys at the moment. my wife bought a matsui fridge freezer online last april, the apliance has broken down 2 months out of warrenty, i contacted curys and they explained that i must get an engineers report and send it to them . i ahve sent the report aswell as a covering letter, the engineers report states that the compressor is faulty and there has been a gas leak. last friday i received a call stating that an engineer could not be reached till the following monday so i had the day off work , hoping that one would apear sometime monday.i contacted currys late that afternoon and another person explained that a engineer would not be coming out and that currys would offer me a payement of 130 pounds towards a new apliance. i have been without a fridge freezer for nealy two weeks , i have spent 45 pounds on an engineers report and all they are going to offer me is a small amount towards a new fridge freezer. please help
  2. this was discovered on the sunday , he was clocked in on the saturday at six oclock and was seen entering work at seven ,onthe sunday he was clocked in and out but was not there . people where looking for him on the sunday. on the tuesday it was brought to the attention of the manager and himself and his son where questioned and suspended. i cannot understand if he new nothing of this and just thought he had forgoten his clock card why not report it to personel on the monday. after been suspended he was brought in front of a director who explained that he was not to blame. i believe and so do many other people that all statements etc where not handed to the director, because the shift manager and the team leader conserned are freinds.people at work cannot believe what has gone on. and like i said before if he was not guilty why send me the text message which no one knows about only my shift manager
  3. hello , the team leader got off . hes son took all the blame and the teanm leader was not aware of what was going on.i questioned a coupple of weeks ago a text message from his phone quoting for me and other people who where involved to watch out.i told my shift manager who said that he could not do anything about it as he did not work here anymore because he had resigned , but now he has got his job back can i take it further
  4. yes your right , the team leader was interviewed by a director , all charges dropped . he will be coming back to work monday 31 st . no evidence to prove he new anything about it. so now i have made my bed and i shall sleep i n it.i do believe that when you put xmas lights up for your shift manager and run your section like mousilini then you will get off with it. i feel that all evidence was not produced to director who interviewed the t leader . a big cover up , but what can i do as a minoe in a sea of sharks
  5. i found the problem, there was mass ice build up at the back and the fan was hitting it, defrosted now sems ok cheers daz
  6. hello i bought a fridge freezer on line from currys in april of last year.the freezer is making a terrible noise and it sounds like the fan at the back , its so annoying its untrue. i have phoned currys and they ahve said that an engineer will be round between severn and six on the night. firstly can i refuse a engineer and get a new fridge and if not secondly can i ask for a persific time as i have to go to work cheers please help:x:x:x:x:x:x:x
  7. i have been told that the son who clocked himin has been sacked, he admitted clocking his dad in,but the team leader is now saying that he did not know that he had been clocked in by his son, even though in the hand book your clock card is your personal property . i received a threatening text from the teamleaders phone i quote whatch over your shoulder i am going to get you and tre rest] so he could say that his son sent the message and not him. it all stincks they live together , they all new what was happening surely
  8. well in a nut shell i feel as many others do the manager is trying to get the team leader off , so discipline the guy looking at the camera , get the team leader back because it seem sstrange after four days he has retracted his resignation. i feel he has been leaked info it stinks
  9. please can i start again, i have made things difficult. last saturday and sunday it was noticed on the system maps system which all employees have access to, that a team leader was not in work even though clocked in by another employee. four statements where made to this affect and handed in to personal, the team leader in question resigned the day after. it was stated that an employee looked at the cctv on the monday to have alook and it confirmed he was not in. the employee who looked at the cctv is now to be disciplined [ gross misconduct for looking at the images] the employee in question took up the roll a few months ago as a stand in on reception for a couple of hours untill the security guard showed up for work so it was ok then to look at images. it does not say anything in the handbook about cctv . so there is no structure in place. the employee asked the security guard if he could look at the images so surely the security guard is at fault for allowing people to see the images. the team leader has retracted his resignation so i feel that this has been leaked to him so he might have a case. there was a full investigation into the team leaders fraud which lead to his resignation, so surely HR HAVE LOOKED AT THE CAMERAS to which is not against the law.
  10. iknow he asked the security guard if he could view certain images on the cctv of an aledged team leader not showing up for work and been clocked in. the security guy obliged and scanned the cctv, my point is is the guard breaking the data protection act for obliging or is it my mate for asking
  11. hello , this is not my problem but my mates. he has a disciplinary for looking at cctv cameras in reception, basicly the reason why was to lookout for a possible fraud ie employeee turning up late for work but clocked in by someone else.a couple of months ago he was on reception for a few hours filling in for a security guard and so thought it not a problem to veiw what he need edto view,also it does not state anything in handbook about using cctv
  12. may i just say that i am not a team leader , just a worker and i do feel now that i have done the right thing, i feel that if no statements had been made the case would have been left to rest as the co ordinator did thinck he was the blue eyed boy
  13. i just feel like i am inthe wrong for bringing this to the attention of managers
  14. hello , my name is xxxxxxx. last monday a team leader was suspended ongrounds of possible fraud, the fraud involved himself and his two sons who also work for the same company. it was spotted on the saturday that the team leader had clocked in ,but was late on arrival to work by one hour. on the sunday he was spotted on the system as been in , but was not at work all morning as certain people where looking for him, one of his sons was confronted and was asked [ where is your dad] the son replied he is not in, but at ten oclock that morning they clocked out and the team leader was also clocked out. the team leader was aproached by personel and came clean about not been in work the two days, we believe that this has been going on sometime. he was not seen on camera for the saturday and sunday at the times i have mentioned. four people , myself included made the relevantstatements and he was aparently suspended along with his two sons. the one son admitted everything but the other son is due back into work tomorrow morning , obviously there is no proof of him aiding the fraud in any way even though they all live together. because the one son is coming back to work i and other people feel that this is going to course major friction and i dont know what to do . pleasehelp thanks
  15. hello i bought a computer from currys just under 2 years ago, last week i had to have the mother board replaced at a cost of 150 pounds, can i reclaim this money under the goods and services act of 1979. cheers and if so how do i go about it thanks
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