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  1. I do agree with you let sleeping dogs lie... If they aint following it up they may already know its unenforceable.. There has been a lot of cases won on mis-sold ppi if it gets to the sb stage then enquire on how to remove the default from your credit file ( i am not sure if it comes off after 6 years anyway) But if it does not then i do not know how you would go about it.... As for the written off debts i was doing a search on ycc and i just came across it but like anything else it may be untrue and i just went to a solicitor... You could go to a solicitor for advice on your matt
  2. I agree with you on that point debt4get. But some people just roll over and pay these idiots who think they are the god But as well you know i fought them and came out on top thanks to this forums help.... and a bloody good solicitor
  3. I would be careful for now dont mention anything yet unless they go for a charge on your home (if you own it) If its all quiet and they aint bothered you for 3 years then dont rock any boats... If they start going for bankruptcy and you get mail from the courts then go to a solicitor and while its in dispute they cant really do anything.. MAKE SURE THE LETTERS ARE GENUINE COURT LETTERS ring the court if the number is on it but as i said if its all quiet leave it for now then when the debt is statue barred have it removed from your credit file
  4. I have just been on the phone to go-debt /hollis briggs and the letter was a clerical error.. How funny is that (spoiled my day now wanted to have fun with them o well) They were really nice aswell calling me sir lol That must have been hard for them.. I said anymore letters arrive i will be reporting them to the oft.. They could not appologise enough.....
  5. You need to get a good solicitor on the case.. Do you have the old aggreement, if so check what your deposit went off On the aggreement it tells you what the deposit is for (top right of the aggreement) if it was for the insurance then you can go for mis-sold ppi (thats what i did) When did the aggreement first start was it before 2007 as the law was changed which means anything signed after april 2007 (if memory serves) you cant claim mis-sold ppi And have you been asked to sign a new aggreement after that date, have you signed one (as this is what they do) to try get round the new l
  6. Some were wriiten off i assume it was people were fighting them... I went through a solicitor took them a week to sort it all out...
  7. Hi post Well the debt is now over the 6 year period (22/3/2004) and i have the deed of release so stuff them But i really do want to get my own brand of fun with them they deserve it. dadofholly In my case i got the deed of release they took the charge from my home and as far as i am aware no ccj on file... I could be wrong anyone care to help me out on this one thanks
  8. I have made no payments to that **** any way But they are trying it on again so may be time for another trip to the courts.. And the produce the deed of release signed by WILLIAM RHODES himself. But dont tell go-[problem] about it... Im in the driving seat now after what they put me and my family through and so many other people on here i think its time to give them the headache. Is the any template letters for this type of hassle to send to go-debt...
  9. And the funny part aswell is the original aggreement was 3/2004 and its now 9/2010 over 6 years which means even if i did not have the deed of release the debt is statue barred
  10. I aint bothered by them now But there must be some fun i can have with them As the deed of release has been signed by WILLIAM RHODES the boss man So i cant wait for a good grin after what they put me through for a year
  11. Not when i have a deed of release from the courts and it is settelled Which means there is no debt to recover
  12. Hi all again Sorry not been on for a while just been in the process of fostering 2 young children Anyway there back GO-DEBT sent me an annual statement today Now the debt is subject to statue barred..... But the funny thing is i have a deed of release dated 6 feb 2010 Anyone got any pointers so i can give them some hell as now its harrasment BUMP
  13. Sorry for late response... As far as we can gather now they were claiming at 2 seperate address's THIS HAS NOT BEEN CONFIRMED We found out today they have a crisis loan of £50 to last them 3 weeks.. This is becoming a lot more suspect... with them......
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