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  1. I know exactly how u feel. I was in a similar poistion just before Christmas with Merc Benz whom failed to set up my direct debit. I moved out of my house due to refurbishment and some of my letters went astray. In a nutshell follwing the defualt notice that i never received the contract was terminated and the vehilce repossessed. I tried to challange the reposession and are now facing £4000 in legal costs. The best advice is to to contact them asap don's ignore it. Explain your position and submit a proposal to pay the arrears. Do it in writing and send recorded delivery. Also check the agree
  2. Has any one had any problems with Mercedes Benz Financial Services ??? Due to their incompetence in failing to set up my direct debit i am facing £4000 in legal costs when i tried to stop them from repossessing my lease vehicle. I had to give back the car and I am facing a wasted costs order. I can't be the only one out there whom has been a victim of their incompetence. They issued a default notice which i never received. Are there any avenues of redress apart from litigation. I really have to do something about this because organisations like that should not be allowed to rail road the sma
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