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  1. I have a loan with these guys 590 plus interest of 127...i just cant afford to be paying the interest and carrying this over each month...what should I do?

    Do they offer payment plans

    Should I cancell my card so they cant take the payment out and then try and arrange something with them

    I dont want them clearing my account..i just cant afford that.

    Help and advise welcome please..

  2. Hi Guys,

    I have been passed to Clarity and have found them to be better that PTP but equay as obstructive, the fort call i offered £10 a month and was told they would see me in court and the second call i increased the offer to 90 a month and was told i would have to go to court.

    PTP were awful, i answered one call to my work place and it must have been obvious that i was unable to talk, i was called a liar and a theft and asked how i was going to feel when people come and smash my door down and take all my possessions, fortunately i informed him that all calls to my work are recorded due to the nature of wher i work and that i was certain that it could be described as intimidation, i never recieved a further call. But whats to do with Clarity who are being difficult??

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