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  1. I have a loan with these guys 590 plus interest of 127...i just cant afford to be paying the interest and carrying this over each month...what should I do? Do they offer payment plans Should I cancell my card so they cant take the payment out and then try and arrange something with them I dont want them clearing my account..i just cant afford that. Help and advise welcome please..
  2. if i pay an amount into paydayuk account without a fixed agreement will this stop them harrassing me.
  3. Hi Guys, I have been passed to Clarity and have found them to be better that PTP but equay as obstructive, the fort call i offered £10 a month and was told they would see me in court and the second call i increased the offer to 90 a month and was told i would have to go to court. PTP were awful, i answered one call to my work place and it must have been obvious that i was unable to talk, i was called a liar and a theft and asked how i was going to feel when people come and smash my door down and take all my possessions, fortunately i informed him that all calls to my work are recorded due to the nature of wher i work and that i was certain that it could be described as intimidation, i never recieved a further call. But whats to do with Clarity who are being difficult??
  4. Hi Guys have been reading your posts and have found them interesting and valuable, i have been on this merry go round myself for a while and just have some questions, is cancelling the DD and my card enough to keep PTPD off my money, also how is my credit rating affected? Thanks for any advise
  5. Could anyone give me advise as to how i go about iniciating a court order to enforce this please> should i do this while i am still in the property or should i wait till i move. If i make the landlord aware that he has not done it what can he do and can i still claim the penilty? any advise would be grateful.
  6. Thanks for your replies but just need more information. I thought you need to send the court documents to an english address and the student loans company are based in Scotland, how did you work your way around this? Thank you
  7. Thanks for your reply, the loans were taken out in those years but all the charges have been since 2001. Can i claim these? and is there a particular address it needs to go to? thanks for earlier mail
  8. For student loans do i do the same as i do for the banks? Thank you!
  9. hello i am new to this site, already had a degree of success with my halifax bank account and am in the process of starting on my Halifax Credit card. I have 2 student loans one starting in 1994 - 1996 and the other 1996-1999 can i claim back charges that they have incurred? i would love some insight on the matter. Thank you
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