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  1. I can assure you i have read all fifty four pages of my documents including ; General policy exceptions , which the insurance company explained covered by queries over my property . "not true " , there is no mention of "We will not pay for damage to your own property" anywhere. Apart from section C. It was the insurance company that first stated that under Section C Liability to Other People and Their Property was the section i needed to refer to. I have not just decided to read only one section as you wrongly assume and have read it all. In great detail Section C is theonly
  2. The point i am making is 1. It states that , they will not pay for loss or damage to the car covered in the policy . But they already have settled for my insured vehicle have you looked at my documents for the wording In a one hour conversation they refused to accept the word if and would not explain why they settled for the insured car but would not include my 2nd vehicle in the same argument on the same point of if
  3. Hi Connif, in answer to your previous question , My second vehicle is actually my main vehicle and not that old and is my bread and butter . It had just had a new turbo and egr valve done at a cost of over £1200 and was already booked in for an MOT when damaged occured. It passed its MOT no problem as the damage is only cosmetic .
  4. Another point , why does the insurance company not just state under no circumstances will we be liable to damage caused to your own property , instead the include my property in the section of liability to other people and their property . With the word if being a deciding factor . If , i keep to the terms and conditions they will pay If , i do not keep to the terms and conditions they will not pay
  5. Hi unclebulgaria67, my point is . This is the section the insurance company has used to deny the claim against my other vehicle This is the section the insurance company have stated in the section that they will not pay; for any loss or damage to the car covered by this policy But they have This is the section where the insurance company have included any loss or damage to my property with the condition that ; if i do not keep to the terms and conditions they will not pay . because i have kept to the terms and conditions they have paid for loss or damage to the car covered b
  6. Thanks for the reply Connif , in answering your reply i understand i'm not ; other people or a third party . But throughout the whole agreement this is the only section that includes my property in any claim and it is the insurance company that has included me in this section of ; Liability to Other People and Their Property, why would it state that i would not be covered for any loss or damage to the car covered by this section ,
  7. In Section C , Liability to Other People it states, We will not pay: for any liability if any person insured under this section does not keep to the terms exceptions and conditions of this policy in the attachments it shows the full two pages that cover this section and towards the bottom on the 2nd page it states anyone we insure under this section , if the claim relates to loss or damage to property that belongs to them ( either as owner or as joint owner) or is in their care any loss or damage to the car covered by this policy. My point now and argument is the if wo
  8. Hi all , hope somebody can help. In October i reversed my car into another vehicle which also belongs to me , embarrassing to admit , believe me , i've had some stick over this not funny at all. Anyway , contacted my insurance Company who said that i could claim for the damage to my car that i was insured in with them but could not claim for the damage to my other vehicle because that was my own personal property and as such was not covered by my insurance within the Terms and Conditions of my policy under the section of Section C, Liability to Other People and Their Proper
  9. Hi all, I had confirmation so had the day in work. I have sent a letter off regarding the fees and will post when i get a response or should i start a new post re- claiming back the fees.
  10. Thanks for the reply Lea_HTH , I had a very nice call from the mortgage company who opened by saying it was a courtesy call and was very polite considering everyone else i have dealt with has been arrogant and bullyish , anyway . She said that they have instructed their Solicitors to adjourn the hearing and i asked for it in writing to confirm they would not be attending on the day of the hearing , would it be a good idea to attend myself just in case or would a phone call to the Court confirm they would not be attending . I am now in the process of challenging the Charges , i have read a
  11. Just to update , today i paid all the arrears due that relate to the claim made to the Court so nothing owing on those . I had another payment due for this month but did not have enough to pay that payment so i am technically back into arrears of 1 month although that was not included in the claim but would imagine they will argue that point. I have contacted them today and told them it was paid into the bank and they said once it shows on the system they will review things. They informed me that the £40 monthly fees charged total over £2400 and are included in the mortgage total given t
  12. Hi everyone , hope someone can help. I have a court appearance on Monday and need some help , i have arrears of less than £1000 and intend to pay them before the Court date . I believe this may stop repossession going through but understand its not guaranteed and i can also show that there is no problem with getting back to future payments being met . Just to say over the last couple of years i have had a little bit of that thing called depression , enough to cause my head to have a different outlook and think everything will just go away . That it certainly doesn't . Anyway what i need t
  13. Hi all , Nearly finished my Request for information and will post for your advice as whether it's OK . Just to let you know , for some reason I have received an amended witness statement from their Solicitors which is very similar to the supplementary witness statement but omits a fair amount of what was in the Supplementary and they have changed the heading from supplementary witness statement , to plain witness statement . All seems irrelevant as to why I have received it because the hearing has already taken place . Makes me wonder the reasons for making the changes they h
  14. Hi wannabe , used their Supplementary against them and used part of it as an excuse to put in a partial defence showing more errors and managed to incude my bank statements to back me up and show i was in credit at time of default notice. I was told by the Judge to contact CVF's solicitors and request the info i needed to put in a full defence. There was no mention of repleading Is there a set procedure for requesting information from a solicitor Thanks wannabe
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