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  1. Teaboy2 - Thanks for your reply, very informative and enlightening! My employer has now told me that the time I end up working during my holiday can be taken as annual leave at a later date. Their opinion of the phone calls is that if speaking me for 5 minutes (no matter how many times) whilst on holiday they can save someone else in the office a couple of hours work then thats what they will do. Economics and efficency apparently. I still don't agree with it and think its unfair. I work in a small engineering department of my company (2 of us) and have to cover my bosses workload whilst
  2. Barracad - It is a business mobile and they insist I leave turned on. I have started to leave voicemail messages saying when I return from annual leave but it doesn't deter my boss and colleagues from calling. Honeybee13 - Yes I agree responsible employers would class holiday as time to unwind. Personally I find it very difficult to unwind at all because I'm always concious of the phone and wonder when its going to ring next. The company are pretty much telling me what I'm allowed to do whilst on holiday as for example I shouldn't really stay in bed asleep all day when on holiday just in
  3. I need some advice/clarification please! I get 25 days (plus bank holidays) paid annual leave each year. However more and more my employer seems to think it is completely fair to expect me to be at their beck and call via telephone to answer questions/discuss work when I'm on annual leave. I challenged my boss about this recently when he called me (whilst on annual leave) to say I would need to be contactable and if necessary ready to visit clients. I had 3 days annual leave before Christmas (working on Christmas Eve) and the company has a mandatory holiday period of 3 days off for a
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