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  1. Have you been paying them anything since their threatening letters in August 2019? Rgds. radmm0
  2. Have you heard back from your creditors, DCA or the 'solicitors' about your CCA request? Rgds. radmm0
  3. Hi Scrudge But, you stated that they had accepted your offer of £2000 as full & final settlement for the outstanding loan amount, in your 2012 posts. So, did you not pay them then? General question for CAG admin guys; are 'DrydensFairfax Solicitors' actual solicitors? Why do some DCAs resort to using them if not?! Thanks. Rgds. radmm0
  4. Will be doing that when I get all the paperwork back from our relatives. Does one send the CCA letter & SAR to: a. the current DCA b. original Creditor c. both a & b, or d. ALL the DCAs involved with each debt & each original Creditor? Thanks dx100uk.
  5. You're absolutely right. I was advised by the local CAB office all those years ago for our house repossession & personal debt issues. We were definitely given the wrong advice about the direction to take with the house and had to sell it in the end due to their 'wrong' advice and now realise that we were also given the wrong advice about how to deal with my debt. Shocking. Does one stop paying all of them? Wouldn't they have a legal right to take me to court to get 'their' money? I so believe that our Consumer Credit Laws & Private Rental Market are in need
  6. I guess I have. CCA'ed in 2012 Judging by the comments, I need to re-start things & check the CCAs they sent me. We've moved a number of times since losing our home & unfortunately a lot of the earlier paperwork has been stored in relative's lofts & garages. So, will have get them all back & take a fresh look. Thanks again DX100uk & London1971 for your guidance.
  7. Thanks as usual guys. CCA'ed them in the early days & they all have an original copy, unfortunately! How & when does a debt become 'statute barred'? Would any of my debts qualify as such, as all are more than 9 years old (since I defaulted)? Thanks. radmm0
  8. Hi guys I have a number of large loan & credit card debts that I've been paying off by the absolute minimum amount since 2011. We lost our business & home and have been renting since. None of the debts are with the original creditors now, but they have been doing the usual 'pass-the-parcel' merry-go-round for the past 8 years and have settled with the likes of CapQuest, Intrum, Cabot, CDCS, PRA Group, NCO Resolve & Moorcroft! They also very regularly send 'offers' of settlement with up to 70% discount! Over the years some have been sendin
  9. Hi everyone A quick update. I've received two 'threatening' letters since October 2019, the latest one dated 2/1/20 (received 8/1/20) threatens that if the 'debt' isn't paid within 14 days of the date of their letter, their client 'may consider' starting County Court proceedings! Shall I continue to ignore or start communicating with them? Thanks. radmm0
  10. Hi all Here are the T&Cs and I've also added another example of a car 'improperly' parked in the unequal bays. Rgds. Andy NCP Car Park N12 - another example.pdf NCP N12 Car Park - Terms and Conditions.pdf
  11. Thanks a lot everyone again. Hopefully I won't be back for this topic anytime soon, but will definitely return for something else that needs your informed knowledge! Rgds. Andy
  12. Hi dx Thanks again for helping me out with this. So, does that mean one can ignore them from now on? Tnx. Andy
  13. Hi all I've taken some more photos of the car park, its signage and the ticket machines. Please also note that the additional photo taken this morning of the two unequal adjacent bays is to show the very reason I had parked over the line on the right, as nobody ever parks in the narrow bay and we all have to leave enough room for drivers to be able to get in and out of their car! I'll take a better shot of the Rules on my way home tonight and will post it later this evening together with the paid ticket for parking at the site, the NtK & original PCN.
  14. Here are the two photos I mentioned in my OP attached as a PDF. Rgds. NCP N12 Car Park.pdf
  15. Thanks a lot guys. I'll be on it tonight and tomorrow night, as need to get photos of their signage tomorrow. Unfortunately the deadline for going thru POPLA is this Wednesday (28 days after I received their email reply to the internal appeal rejection on 18th Sept). Rgds.
  16. Hi Windscreen ticket (Notice To Driver) - Date of infringement? 8/8/2019 Have you yet appealed to the parking company? YES, after receiving the NTK letter The following appeal was sent to NCP via their website on 15/9/2019: "The photos taken of my car by the NCP attendant, which are attached to the PCN online, clearly show that the two adjacent spaces are of unequal widths. I have a number of photos of other vehicles that have also parked on or over the line in the same space AND other spaces in this car park. Also, please note th
  17. Thanks guys, much appreciated. Let's hope the debtor doesn't try to hide behind a 'liquidated' company scenario, which is highly likely. Rgds. radmm0
  18. Hi Andy Thanks for the info. The England & Wales version of the procedure is: https://www.gov.uk/recover-debt-from-elsewhere-in-european-union Rgds. radmm0
  19. Thanks for the info AndyOrch. So, can I act as my friend's agent, as he lives in Italy? Or do non-residents have to use a different procedure for making a Claim? Rgds. radmm0
  20. Thanks for your reply BF. 1. could my friend use my address for service and raise the claim himself online? 2. could I act as my friend's 'attorney'/'agent' in this matter or does he have to raise the claim himself? Rgds. radmm0
  21. Hi everyone I have a friend who has an EU based business that trades with the UK and other EU states. They sent 2000 Euros worth of products to a business in the UK in Nov 2014 after discussions about building a relationship for the long term, so my friend sent them the goods as a starter. Unfortunately after repeated requests for payment, the UK buyer hasn't paid up what he owes. They either ignore all attempts of communication or lately pretend that they will pay shortly, but never do. My friend has sent them a final notice letter requesting payment by 31/3/15, which obviously hasn'
  22. you're very right renegadeimp. let's hope they did cancel it as promised, which I intend to check with the floor manager the next time I'm in the store. I'll then ask for a written confirmation/proof. Thanks for your help. radmm0
  23. I hope not, as the store manager took both the printed FREE parking for one hour ticket AND the 'ticket' from Horizon Parking. So, I don't have anything in my possession! I'll refer the matter in writing to the store manager if I do receive a Notice to Keeper from Horizon. I also know the floor manager, that the store manager asked to cancel the 'ticket', quite well, so it should be ok. radmm0
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