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  1. Lewis have only sent a demand so far, I really need to know what to do next as there is some crazy reading in my SAR, Welcome have been charging me for site visits to my 2 previous address's even though they have my current address from day 1, also i have charged for calls that have not connected even though a manager has made notes on there Data that they should be refunded if not connected, aslo i have been charged for something called O2 Payer Descesed which was for nearly £300. Plus there was a credited on my account for nearly £8000 which they deducted after a couple of months with a note saying payment was made on wrong account. The records they have given me show my account to be in a complete mess and show them up as been seriuosly unprofessional So who do i take this to and what is my next cause of action Cheers
  2. Lewis have only sent a demand so far,
  3. Hi, I received my SAR from welcome finance but this is a very large document that i dont know where to start with. Today i received a Final Demand from a Lewis Debt Recovery, this is there 1st point of contact with me. The letter is dated 6th August 2010 with a payment demand for the 13th August 2010 as i was only received on the 11th August 2010 there is no way i could meet there demands. Im sure i have read elsewhere that they are not allowed to that. The demand is for £6359.62, which again doesn't seem to make any sense. Can anybody help me out with what to do next??
  4. Ive sent the SAR today by recorded postage, will this be enough to hold off the Default Notice
  5. what i dont understand is that everything they do they bill it again as capitalisation. can anyone explain this?? eg. 20 June - Option to purchase fee - £100 20 June - Capitalisation - £100
  6. that was my intention lol so the DN is worth-less and i can start my war path lol
  7. Thanks for that, And as for the DN, do i ignore it? As i have till 16th to respond, or will theses requests delay that?
  8. Funny thing is, Welcome Finance deleted there entry on my credit file, So my credit file is clear. I did a HPI check on the car and its still showing though So what eactly do i do now?
  9. I never requested it, I already insurance that would have covered but got told i needed it due to my job or something like that. I havent paid for the last 3 months as i dont get what they are playing at they was pratically begging me to settle for £3800 but it all seem a little strange and they have stopped chasing me for the past 2 months. i only have recent statments i never use to get any up until the last year. i very much doubt i have the arrears they say i have
  10. This is my argument to them if i was 16months in arreas why havent i gone to court, this is my 1st DN. This is also the same loan originally taken i have never increased it. I havent claimed back the PPI, but i have noticed that when i do pay them they still request £303 which is the amount including PPI and the other insurances i know little about, which were only for a 48 month period so they are over now. Funnily enough they keep asking me to settle at £3800, I dont understand where any of the figures are coming from
  11. Hi, Thank you all so far, Yes i have the agreement i have attached it to this reply, as things stand i have paided more than 1/3. I only have recent statements as i never used to get any up until the last year. I have the envelope it came in but has no date on it just a code, im hoping should it go any further this code can be traced, i think they may have prepared it on the 02 July and forgot to send it. But i have no prove of this.
  12. Hi, received a default notice on the 10 July, that was dated 02 July saying i had 14 days to make payment. Also the figures in the default notice dont add up, please can someone take a look and see if you can help me out here, Regards Stef P.s. This was from Welcome Car Finance and we still have the car
  13. Unfortunately its still showing the hpi, Also looking back on my old statments i get charged every month; JULY HDPI FEE: £39.94 JULY CAPITALISATION: £39.94 AUG HDPI FEE: £41.16 AUG CAPITALISATION: £41.16 SEP HDPI FEE: £43.60 SEP CAPITALISATION: £43.60 NOV HDPI FEE: £45.48 NOV CAPITALISATION: £45.48 DEC HDPI FEE: £46.06 DEC CAPITALISATION: £46.06 What are these charges and how come they rise every month?, Will they stop rising? Cheers Stef
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