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  1. Hi, Just needing some advice if possible... I bought a netbook (£200) off Play.com on the 2nd january and got an email on the 4th saying it had been dispatched. Given the bad weather I never thought anything of it when it wasnt delivered within a week. Checked online and saw who the courier was, as they're based in my city and for the past few days the weather has been fine, i thought it should have been delievered by now. So I rang Play.com and they said it has been sent to the courier and that I would have to take it up with them. So i rang the courier and they said they havent rec
  2. About 5 years ago, I bought a computer from Dixons and took out the product insurance on it, after about a year I rang and cancelled it and ended up buying a newer version of the xbox from currys and took out their product cover. I never thought anything else about it, never had any letters offf Dixons asking if I wanted to renew it or anything, but it turns out I have been paying for it for the past 4 years through a direct debit...8 pound a month! Is there anyway I can claim this back as I did cancel it and never heard anything else about so I assumed it was cancelled?? Thanks
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