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  1. Hi did you move any further forward with this? I too recieved the letter informing me i was due a refund. I sent off a SAR but then completely forgot about it. I've just come across the SAR i sent on 30/8/17 so obviously the 40 days are up now! Any advice on what to do next would be gratefully accepted TIA
  2. Hi Guys Just looking for some advice, My daughter opened an account with HBOS when she was a student in 2007, Stopped using it in 2008 when she ran up an overdraft, and completely "forgot" about it, She has now received a form N1sDT from Northampton County court signed by Lowell Portfolio demanding nearly £1500. The original overdraft was £500, The claim form states "despite repeated requests for payment" But she swears that she has never had anything from these people, (She has moved house about 5-6 times since leaving her student digs though due to her occupati
  3. Hi, Just looking for a bit of advice as my solicitors are stonewalling me. I was wiped out by a foreign lorry driver changing lanes on a motorway, unfortunately I was in the lane he changed to. The police attended and the driver was found totally at fault, although they didn't prosecute him. My injuries were sufficient for the insurance company to make a £5200 compensation offer. this I accepted as I have been off work for 6 months now and my wage has dropped to 1/2 pay. (i'm desperate and skint) This offer was made in October and I assumed that the cheque would follow shortly. But no.
  4. Hiya Yeah, decided to go it alone (apart from all your Help) but no solicitor. The Judge had all my evidence and my last statement giving the balance owing. The rep from the lender went first, and warbled on. when he gave his figures the judge said, "thats a huge discrepency do you have a full breakdown?" " No" was the reply, "just my instructions", "Mrs Smith has a statement here, dated and signed by Swift with a fiigure £20,000 less than the amount you are stating" 1-0 to me!! Then he quoted Cheltenham & Gloucester V Krauss and told the judgehe had no opti
  5. Thank you so much for your support, On a plus side I lost 4lbs at weight watchers this week!!! who needs a diet!! got to laugh or else..... I'm gonna tackle the N161 in the morning, too late now, brain pickled. Hopefully the solicitor will ring me back with an idea as to how much he's going to charge. If its reasonable I'll let him direct me, I rang morgage company and asked for a breakdown of costs, they said they would post em to me....... watch this space!! Thank you all again Cosy
  6. Hi Ok a quick update, I have been at court all day saw a man from CAB who put me onto a solicitor, he told me to get an N244, which i did, Court wouldn't accept it said I needed to appeal. Spoke to a lovely lady who suggested I put in writing why I thought the original decision was flawed and she would give it to a judge to see if he would allow me to use N244. So I wrote a letter, attached the lastest morgage statement clearly showing Morgage £167,000 arrears £41,000. I also mentioned in the letter that the representative used the figure of £244,491 in gaining my request for suspensi
  7. Thank you, i'll do that first thing in the morning cosy
  8. no i just burst into tears and walked out!! can I not just use another N244 and ask the court to postpone the order whilst I get the info from The morgage company.... I can't see them hurrying to post me a breakdown of charges out Cosy
  9. Hi Yes I have a notice of eviction, It is scheduled for Tues 15th. Correct me if i'm wrong but you think I should go down to court and ask for a postponement on grounds that I dispute the arrears figure? Is this my next step? Thanks Cosy
  10. Hi just a thought, there are 264 months remaining on the morgage, If as you say i am allowed to pay them off over the term of the morgage that is only £160 pm extra, I offered that. So if I can appeal, shall i use this as well? I just need to know if I can appeal Sorry to sound so desperate But I am Cosy
  11. Hi all, Can I go back down to court and ask for another N244? take all the statements and info with me and get this suspended to give me time to get a solicitor to sort it out. The solicitor i spoke to yesterday was one i found on the internet but haven't yet instructed. I think what i am asking is can I appeal this decision and if so how? Cosy xx
  12. Hi It was a hearing to stop eviction warrant. They have held a possession warrant for a while but they executed it last week, with possession to take place on Tue 15th March, I completed a N244 on fri, got a hearing yesterday, but the judge threw out my application. So warrant for possession is to go ahead on Tues Cosy x
  13. hi The morgage was taken out in Dec 2007 No it's a first charge. and no PPI at least I don't think so. (I'll check and post back if there is) Thank you Cosy PS after a night of lieing awke dwelling I can't believe that he sat there and blatantly said that we owed £240k. As I said that was when the judge made his decision. I want to go tearing back down to court and tell them we don't owe that much, but obviously time isn't on my side. Can I appeal? Thanks Cosy
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