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  1. Thanks, I will have a read through. They never asked me to give them any money as I never actually left that store with anything, and had a receipt, so I am not expecting a letter from the RLP. I guess I should just be glad the police were involved right?
  2. Hello all. I'm ashamed to admit the below, but it has happened, and I can't turn back time. Basically I bought a bottle of wine from Tesco a couple of weeks back. The bottle though, fell through the bag on the way home and smashed. I kept the receipt with the intention of going to the store to tell them that their bags weren't strong enough, and to ask nicely if I could get a replacement. Anyway a couple of weeks passed. I am unemployed and I never got my benefit in time this week, so I have been struggling to even get some food. I picked up the receipt today and I am afraid to say I went in store, picked up the bottle of wine from the shelf and took it to the customer services with a couple of other things. Once I got there, I told the lady that i had purchased the wine a day or two earlier, and asked for a refund, and do an exchange with a couple of things. This is when the security guard strode over. He asked what the lady what i was doing. She said I was doing a part refund, part swap. He said something along the lines of -'You mean this one which you have taken from the shelf' (in front of customers) I obviously panicked and said that i didn't and was promptly marched off to the back room. The back room was not a security guards room in itself, more a staff room. I asked the guard whether we can go and talk somewhere in private and he said this was not possible. So the whole questioning was taking place in front of other members of staff, some of whom knew me by face as I go in to the store almost every day. The guard had to receipt in hand, which was partly ripped so the date of purchase was not showing. He then proceeded to ask me when and where I had bought the wine. I initially repeated what I had said at the till - that I had bought it in the last couple of days. He asked me how much i paid, what time it was etc Basically he was suggesting that I had picked up the receipt from outside and was pulling a [problem] I eventually told him the real story, which was that it was in fact my receipt but that the purchase was made on a specific day (or two days, as I couldn't exactly remember if it was one day or the next day) The Guard told me that he can go through all of the transactions there and then. He was grilling me on how much exactly I pad for the wine, did I buy anything else, what time I was in the store? I told him i honestly couldn't remember what time I was in there but that It would have been from 2pm onwards. As I told him, I am unemployed and therefore my day is not structured like others, so i could have popped in there at any time. Anyway I asked him to go through the transactions and I guarantee him he will see mine there, paid with cash. - note - I realise that the actual offence was not in doubt as he said he had me on cctv taking the bottle off the shelf and going to customer services.The reason I am focussing on the receipt issue is that this is what the guard was doing. He barely mentioned anything else other than trying to prove that I had picked up the receipt myself and had not bought the bottle of wine originally. Eventually the guard produced a letter for me to sign, which has banned me from going in to any tesco store ever! The letter was signed by me (under duress) - I told him I didn't agree with it- and he said my name and face would be sent to every store in the UK.. Whilst i am glad that the police were not called, I can't help thinking that this was not necessary. I did ask him to go through the till transactions to prove that this was purchased on the day I said but it seemed as if it was easier to just get me to sign the letter. I am frankly ashamed that my name and face is to be sent around all of the tesco stores and wondered if I had any recourse at all. Does anybody think it would be worth me writing to tesco, or should I just let it lie given the police were not called? Also - in terms of my data - can this be legally shared around anyone other than tesco? Any help appreciated. I know it is tempting but I would appreciate not to be judged on this. I know I have done wrong.
  3. Hi First off, I wasn't sure where to post this, so Mods if it is in the wrong place then please move this. Ok this is quite complicated,. so i'll try and keep my writing as simple as possible. I finished my last job at the end of July, which was Friday 30th. My salary for the three weeks worked in July was £1300. The company normally pay by BACS. I needed the money, so asked them if they would do Faster Payment, (with me paying the fee) on Thursday so it whould have been in my account on the Friday. It didn't arrive on the Friday. I checked again on the Monday and it still wasn't there. So I called up my company to let them know and to check it had definitely been paid in. The person there said 'Oh sorry. looks like the payment has bounced back to us - we will have to issue a cheque instead' and they sent me a cheque in the post. I received the cheque the next day. I went to a high st Cheque cashing place, Albemarls Bond, who offer something like 3.9% fee. So I presented the company cheque (with company logo) to them. they said that it wasn't dated so they can't take it. I looked at the cheque - they didn't put a date on it. So i went to the company that day and got the woman to date it there and then. Then I went back and cashed the cheque. All fine. So I had at least two thirds of the money to pay out, which I did, depositing rent monet ets into various people's bbank accounts, then I had to go up north for a week, so i had probably £350 cash once I had got there. Anyway, I received a letter from Albemarle Bond upon my return (around 12th August). the letter said that the cheque had 'bounced' and could I get in contact with them? I went to my bank, and checked my account 9(there was no need for me to check it before now). My salary had been paid in - but my bank had decided to take out £650 for an overdraft that I am supposed to be paying off gradually (but that's another issue). My employer had not concated me during this time. I contacted my employer by email, to ask what was going on but received no response. So I got another letter a few days later from Albemarle Bond: I'm paraphrasing but it says they contacted my employer and my employer had told them that they were under the impression that I had not received the cheque and only then had thye issued a direct electronic payment into my account. They also went on to say they had notified me of this and that they were unaware that i was cashing a cheque. The letter goes on to say that in such circumstances this could be perceived as attempted fraud, so they will be contacting the police if I don't respond in 5 working days - which is today. My company have deliberately mislead A & Bond. they can't have been under the impresssion that I hadn't received a cheque because I called them and told them that i had the cheque, but it wasn't dated - so I actually went in to the office to have it dated - so that's a clear lie. Also they said that they had notificed me - which is another lie because I hadn't known about any of this until I received the first letter. I emailed my employer on Friday, and was very angry as you can imagine. She tried to say there had been some kind of mix up - but when i asked her to clarify that she didn't say the above words in bold - she didn't. So I have Albemarle asking me to pay back the £1300. Clearly I now don't have it all. But I wondered if anybody had any advice on where I stand legally. I assume I am responsible for payment of the bounced cheque - but if the cheque was cancelled with no knowledge from me, and the cheque was presented in good faith (obviously it was), where do I stand legally? And if as expected, I am responsible, can i make a payment plan? i was hoping to get some kind of advice before I speak to them. I have tried the CAB but they are just too busy, and I am hoping to get this resolved asap due to the impending threat of possible police action for something which my employer is responsible. thanks for any advice, Sorry it's War and Peace
  4. :lol::lol: that wasn't Bob Marley Bobby McFerrin
  5. Don't listen to the above. Talking on the phone to someone collecting money is not the way to go. All it does is serve the creditor, who will try and bully you into paying as much as possible so that they get their commision / hit targets. This also includes collection teams at banks. I repeat, do not listen to the idiot above.
  6. PM me and i'll give you a hand - don't have time to do it all via messageboards
  7. I have used them. I have a pretty shocking score but I managed to get a Bonus Loan. They seem reasonable to deal with. I defaulted, along with other loans in January and have set up a payment plan to oay off roughly 1/3 of what I would have been paying per month. The above said you are far better off using a Credit Union to get a loan.
  8. Are they contacting just you or work also? who is it you owe? If its just your mobile, just politely tell them you have written to them and do not wish to be contacted by telephone. Do that a few times. Then if they continue, just reject the calls. I wouldn't say they are within their rights to contact you on any number given at any time. For instance, one of the guidelines - 'Contacting you at unreasonable times even when asked not to' - would specifically relate to your workplace. there are many things on the guidelines which you can cite if the company are not even talking to you about your offer of payment (I assume you have made one) I would get the account manager's name that you are dealing with and email them to threaten to inform their manager / their brokers, qutoing their name, if they continue. Think about the type of people working there - low wages, probably mostly commission based. Most likey s*it scared of their boss, so a good chance that from that point the calls would stop.
  9. re; default notices from payday loans - is this from your own experience? or have you seen other credit reports also?
  10. could anyone please help with the above question? I have negotiated a repayment plan for two high st lenders (Oakam and National cash Advance) - both said that as yet there has not been a default notice on my credit file - as long as I stick to the plan. I am in the process of getting my Equifax credit file but need to send some documents in, so am waiting on this. I know it is probably down to the individual companies, but does anyone have experience re; payday loans? As I said, I have only defauled the one time. thanks
  11. I have always found it best to use email addresses of individuals within the companies to organise payment plans with - call someone in the copany, get their email address and email a copy of the payment plan. Also insist on written comnmunication only.(otherwise you can threaten to contact their employees and complain i.e. their brokers) I have done this with payday loan companies and most have account managers assigned to collecting the money from you and as long as you communicate with them, things can be worked out.
  12. when they say 'signed' - i wonder where they stand with electronic sigs?
  13. thanks - do you know the likelihood of a payday loan company marking the file with a default notice for missing one payment? I am negotiating a repayment plan with them currently, so if they didn't mark the file with a default notice in January, would they do it at a later date ?
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