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  1. well yeah i am happy that debt has finally gone now as its taken a while. Just have to get rid of the others!
  2. yes all welcome accounts marked as satisfied.
  3. as title says i have just paid off my welcome debt which started in 2003 for 3k and has changed due to not being able to afford payments was finally settled on friday they accepted about 65% which was nice! However my problem is on my credit report it says i have 3 welcome accounts which i dont but i do know i changed my monthly payments? should this be right? The other issue is do i look into any missold ppi or anything else and if so what am i looking for? or do i leave it be apart from sorting out my credit report? many thanks
  4. Hi i unfortunatley have a CCJ which i never realised i have as i never really needed to see my credit report until i decided to look into a mortgage with my partner, obviously i was gutted as although my credit history is not the greatest the only 2 defaults on my report are the same thing and is an entirely different question. So my first questions is this CCJ will have been on my report for 6 years on 12/12/2012 i know its a funny date, but i would like to think in that time that both myself and my partner will start looking into buying again in which case i need to get rid, do i wait for it to drop off? or try and sort it out? My second question is on my credit report i have a default from a silly credit card (barclaycard) i decided to take out and couldnt keep up with all my spending so needless to say it got frozen and i ended up having to pay a monthly figure to a company called Cabot financial, now on my credit report it says i have a default next to barclaycard for £1292 which was the outstanding balance however i have paid off this debt and so Cabot financial have put sattisfied next to where it says default, now although this isnt good its better than leaving it. My question is why have i got 2 defaults for 1 debt?
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