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  1. You are covered for pretty much everything except... Regularly replaced items/consumable items Built-in batteries Cosmetic damage where it does not affect the operation or safety of the product Repair costs that have not been approved Damage or breakdown due to flood, wind or other severe weather conditions The cost of repairing or replacing a product which falls because anyone neglects, abuses or misuses the product Any service or benefit where the Whatever HappensTM agreement has been suspended Inoperability of a product caused by withdrawal of services by a third party Theft or any loss suffered if you cannot use the product or any loss other than repair or replacement Any claim where your monthly payment has not been received Image retention on Plasma or rear projection TVs and pixel dropout (inside manufacturers specification) on LCD TV Protection for Plasma and LCD rear projection TVs if used for business I suspect that the engineers beleive it has been subject to misuse / neglect. The damage caused in relation to the incident are not stacking up (on their part). They also seem to have at least one previous claim from yourself so alarm bells have started too ring.:-| Afraid to say there is a small minority of people who buy products with 5 year warranties with the full intention of dropping / breaking etc so as to get a new one after 4 years or so. It used to be a big loophole that I'm sure they have attempted to cut down on. The onus has to be on DSG to prove you damaged this yourself (photographs etc) and not just an engineers report. In over 10 years with DSG I never once saw a case of an accidental damage get refused. Maybe things have changed or maybe there is more to this.
  2. Well first things first I would find out specifically why it wasn't fixed from the WEH team....they need to be 100% sure what happened to it otherwise they usually accept it as accidental damage which you are covered for......its a bit of a strange one.
  3. Spot on advice for a claim outside manufacturers warranty ie. 1. Ask the store to fix but expect a no. 2. Get an estimate confirming manufacturing / mechanical fault. 3. Send polite but strongly worded letter to request replace/exchange/refund along with engineers report. 4. Chase up, chase up, chase up. I would only add that DSG litigation dept dont like small claims courts so dont be afraid to raise a claim if the above doesn't sort it out - Takes just a little time and effort if the above fails.
  4. Carty79, unless the product is faulty or mis-sold, o2 store nor customer servives will reverse the upgrade. If the store shows you the phone, explains the handset and answers any specific questions you have and YOU choose to upgrade there is little option to return.
  5. Very true, but if most people on here could know exactly how the retailers such as DSG work (their own policies) then there would be a much higher number of people getting the results they are looking for - play them at their own game. If I had a pound for everytime someone quoted SOGA I would be a rich man. I can also assure you most managers are well trained in twisting this to suit their own needs ie. ' how can you argue that fault x,y,x isn't wear and tear and not a manufactiring fault' In this thread I would look at a way of getting a replacement machine and not just the black and white of the law.
  6. Hey Conniff if you have landed back from the moon I would like to put my penny's worth in What you say is pretty much spot on and the letter of the law - just not what many retailers including DSG stick to and on a daily basis and get away with. The reality of the 'law' and what actually happens is miles apart on many occassions. As for Acer laptops.....well its a four letter word and I could think of many similar four letter words to describe them mmmmmmmmm sh** cr** pi** enough said.
  7. You may want to find out what is deemed as an acceptable level of movement in the screen for this particular model by the manufacturer....from your thread it seems to work fine but just move a bit on cleaning,so are we talking a mechanical fault or a quick turn or two of a screwdriver?.....Get a job booked and take it from there.
  8. Hi, well as you may know by know Matsui is a dsg own brand - sometimes made by known manufacturer with a matsui badge on sometimes a cheap and nasty product I'm afraid - bit of a 50 /50 gamble when buying one. It would then be quite normal for an Indy not to know the specifics so I would suggest a call to your local store and ask who fixes a fauty 'matsui xyz' under 1st year warranty / outwith 1st year (they will know as all products have a service route listed for them), whoever it is should also be able to come out do a chargeable estimate for you along with the cause of the fault. You should then contact the Currys Customer Services Team and ask for the product to be fixed FOC and the cost of the estimate refunded. If unrepairable then a pro-rata refund or replacement giving the fact it has packed in after 15 months.
  9. I had kinda figured you worked for dsg (not store based though I guess). As regard to the old commission, whilst it attracted the sales sharks of the 90's at least they knew what they were talking about on the most part and gave some good sales advice even though they pushed the warranties a bit much. You now have a company thanks to Steve Blan who binned the commission and replace it with a store 'margin' bonus - opps there goes that £1000 laptop exchange after 6 weeks :grin:. Now it employess a team on little more than minimum wage and a team bonus. I feel for DSG its a company that hasn't changed is basic business model in decades and now struggles with internet retailers, food giants that now do non food and the big guns from the USA who DSG used to work with- Best Buy. Ironic really thet Steve Blan and Carphone may spear-head the attack as this was Best Buys way into the UK market. Will all just to wait and see.
  10. As an ex dsg manager- large superstores, a little short of a decade let me clarify on these 2 points. As a manager you have the power and discretion to exchange / refund any product at any time (oh yes they do!). In reality you won't do this unless it can go back as faulty ie within 28 days, have a returns authorisation via manufacturer or 'code 5' (send back to warehouse or 7800 as its known) give or take a few exceptions. After that the store takes the hit - which managers wont do as it hits their margin -PRETTY MUCH REGARDLESS OF WHAT THE LAW SAYS. As for suggesting customers contact customers services as they will 'normally resolve them faster than the average manger' of course this is one route to query your problem/complaint but lets be honest - its a call centre in Sheffield - say no more. That is a sad fact of DSG management - maybe the reason so many people on here are unhappy with them.
  11. Not at all...all managers of DSG who have served any length of time at all knew the law (I suspect more than most on here know).......anyone with half a brain can go online and read it !! It's the company that dictate a few specifics such as no replacement after 28 days. You wouldn't last long in DSG if you did everything to the letter of the law.:-| (one of the reasons i left) I came on here to help those that have problems with DSG and the right way to get things sorted. I do also have my own opinions on things as I have stated in this thread and I think it just doesn't all add up- we expect high spec products to last years but pay cheap as hell prices - the two just don't go hand in hand.
  12. Well I would like to say good for you At least my ex employer has restored a little faith in their customer service . I've said all I will ever say on out of warranty repairs and think I will focus on posting help with DSG issues...dont mind a bit a humble pie. ps. LED is the way forward or at least LCD.
  13. Wake up and smell the coffee mate....this 'view' was imprinted onto me by many years of DSG leadership and also the harsh reality as a consumer returning products for various reasons to a variety of retailers over 20 years. If managers were allowed to exchange all faulty goods then do you really think we would just stand there and take a load of abuse day after day from customers with faulty products? Of course not.:-| I have realised the law isn't really worth the paper it is written on as the time, cost and effort required to go the legal route just doesn't work for most folks. I usually will give an insight into the workings of DSG and how to play them at their own game!
  14. Like I say, I know what the law says - had it spouted to me many times over. Reality on the other hand is that many retailers will only replace / refund within the first 28 days and not 6 months. As for the consumer protection upto 6 years I think the number of threads on here pretty much sums up how much attention some retailers pay to that - why do they push the extended guarantees (apart from the 40% margin) if they are legally bound to resolve such problems. I've done the legal route with a car dealer before and although I won I really wouldn't have the time nor inclination to do it all again. I've seen a few claims like the one above get sorted but only after a long hard battle....you may want to forget the old fax stuff as it usually goes in the bin at the other end. A strongly worded recorded delivery letter along with the report sent to the Currys MD will work - dont worry it will never get to him but the correspondence team will pick it up and address the issue.
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